Who thinks trading forex is the same as playing POKER texas holdem?

poker : you need to know how to play your opponent.
forex : same .
poker: you need to have your own strategy to gain .
forex : same.
poker : gambling , talent and experience .
forex : abit of all .
poker : emotions , phsycology …
forex : same …

and many many similar things … what do you think ?

so, [B]foxer[/B] or [B]porek[/B] ??? -___-

To pick up your first point, personally I don’t think of trading as having an opponent. The market is what it is, it doesn’t care what I do. It’s more like trying to take advantage of a force of nature, of something that is happening anyway, rather than personalizing it into an opponent. I can sit down and trade with a few other people and we can all make money. And the market itself doesn’t win or lose, the participants simply shuffle money around.

To me, the best analogy is
Forex = Meteorologie

Have a nice and warm day then

One thing a good poker player and a good trader have in common is patience. Poker players will fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, RAISE. Other than the ante or forced blind a poker player doesn’t try to get in on every hand dealt and preserves his stake (capital). When he has cards that are to his advantage he will jump in. Sometime he wins, sometimes he loses but over the long run, entering only when he has an advantage, he will come out ahead.

Likewise, a good trader will sit on his hands as long as necessary until a good trading opportunity presents itself, entering the market only when he has an advantage. Sometimes he’ll win. Sometimes he’ll lose. In the long run, however, he will come out ahead.

But equally, many professions need patience. A good plumber looking for a leak somewhere in a heating system needs patience, yet I doubt he’d think himself gambling.

Forex could be similar to many things that is perceived by the trader. To my opinion, yes it is similar. Then so what!

In the end it is about building perspectives and proper strategies that will help the user in his trading.

You didn’t meet the last plumber I hired!

The methodical looking for leaks in a heating system isn’t quite the same as trading – a trade can be taken at any time, risking your own trading capital on the outcome based upon probablities just as a poker player risks his own stake on the outcome based upon probablities.

With the plumber, there is either a leak or there isn’t. He is paid for his time and expenses, regardless. He may be methodical in order to do a good job but he doesn’t have to wait endlessly by the HVAC in the hopes that a leak will appear so that he can make more money off his victim…er, customer.

Lol I deliberately said a [I]good [/I]plumber!

I was being a little glib, but to my mind it is too easy to compare gambling and trading, because there are some obvious necessary traits-in-common such as patience.

If I gamble, I sit down in a group and we compete, and take money, or at least the potential for money, away from one another. I think that trading and gambling have various things in common, but then so do umpteen other professions, however they also have many key differences.

And imho a good trader is paid for their time and expenses, regardless. A trader who is not is either still on the learning curve or is in the wrong business. Sorry to any noobs reading to whom that might sound harsh!


poker is about psychology more the strategy trading is strategy more then psychology, in fact if you can do away with personal psychology in trading all the better?, but I’m a much much more experienced poker player then a trader, but contrary to what I just said, for me trading appears to be a natural progression from poker, poker is fun, trading is so much more intriguing. Btw I’m not a trader I’m a fool in a wise world but I’m trying to become wise and loving the journey :slight_smile:

Dude… when some one for example sells 1 lot EUR … there is another guy is buying 1 lot EUR … these 2 guys are actually opponents … some one will gain the other will lose … isnt it:33:

Dude… the retail traders are so small as a percentage of the market that we aren’t competing with one another directly, on a trade-for-trade basis. And we’re way too small to be considered competition for the big players. So as far as we are concerned no, I don’t think that it is the same as sitting down to a hand of poker and competing with the other participants.

I didnt know that? thank you …so how does an ECN really works?

Couldn’t stop laughing for a while… :smiley:

Good one Mr. ST

I think that it is quite similar. It demands the same strategy, skills, confidence and patience.:20:

I’m not really interested in the sarcasm tbh, so as we seem to be holding two different sides of two different discussions arguing two different points let’s just agree that we don’t get the other’s viewpoint and drop it.

Lol I shouldn’t bite, I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I can’t help myself. This horrid modern internet approach of being snippy and sarcastic with people we don’t know occasionally lowers me to responding in kind.

Dude… chillax man.

I did not say that the big players always win, and of course I ‘believe’ you, I know my history and understand the market. I was making a narrow point that when gambling I am engaging with direct, immediate opponents, whereas on any given day trading the currency market I am not in the same way.

Of course it depends on who is entering and who is exiting, that is my whole point. So thanks for the worked examples, but again I think that are talking about two different things, or rather making two different points.

We just don’t agree - like last time you popped up sniping at me. Let’s just leave it at that.

Lol I know but this place winds me up!

Lol I shouldn’t bite, I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I can’t help myself. This horrid modern internet approach of being snippy and sarcastic with people we don’t know occasionally lowers me to responding in kind.[/QUOTE]

Mate… I think you kind of guys that bites their thumb occasionally … please correct me if iam wrong