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Hello to all,

I have been trading the forex on a demo account with I Trade a while ago now; I never had a trading experience befor and I started the learning with baby pips then on demo basically according to the technicals, and recently I started reviewing the reports and that’s how I began fusing both technicals & fundamentals… The forex world is exciting and I want to o[pen a real account, I first thought to go for I trade as their platform and services are the most convenient among those I’ve tried (fx sol, gft, fxcm…oanda I still can not access their bloooxxy java!)… Any way as I was about to fund my account I reffered to the NFA & FCM financial data then came to realize that there is a plan to increase the minimum requirement up to 5 M $ and currently I trade is at - 3 M!! So I refrained from proceeding and now I’m into another search for a user friendly platform, low spreads, quick order execution, accuracy, reliability, solid financials & proffesional broker… If anyone can advice???.. U re the BEST!!:cool:

I am a massive oanda fan, they are the only broker that you just feel is not out to take all your money! (by the way if its just a java update you need for your browser go to www.java.com and download it free) Oanda has very tight spreads, interest on your account paid by the second, you can trade any sized lots, the application is simple and easy to understand, instant execution of trades and great customer services.


Thx James, I will defenitly check the Oanda as soon as I get their platform activated. As a matter of fact I e-mailed oanda technical support team and reported the inconvenience which summarizes in system failure for activation tests 2,3,4,5 basically concerning connectivity and proxy settings; I’ll be expecting their assistance hopefully soon…Will keep u posted with the service level;) This will be kinda first impression test I’ll say :smiley: Cheers

I am a die hard fan of North Finance. They are simply awesome. I Opened my live account with 3000 usd and received a debit card to draw my money from any Int’ ATM booth. They charge only $2 for each transaction via ATM booth. Well I can also punch my card in almost all major restaurants and shopping malls too :cool:

Thanks, ill be interested to hear their response :slight_smile:


Hey Rana,

Thanks for your recommendation! Is the NorthFinance a NFA registered firm? If yes can you provide me with the ID #? Do you know about their financial status?? I actually was unable to locate them in NFA and did not find their data in the FCM report… Their service sounds interesting though! Let me know more please///

They are registered with NFA but some of their IBs are registered with NFA. You can look in to their site and search for North Finance IBs in your local area. If available you can contact with them for more information by visiting their office.

I was recommended by few friends trading with North Finance for last 1/2 yrs. I opened my live account with them on June 07. I w/transfered them 3000 usd and sent them a copy of bank swift note to apply for a visa debit card. Now its with me and enjoying a lot :wink: Their financial status is gr8 and we really never faced any problem with them. Go through their site and if needed talk with their operator with live chat support for more information.

Regards/Rana …

Just to advice you Rana.
NorthFinance isnt registered with NFA.
Furthermore, nor there IBs are registered with NFA. I have nothing against NorthFinance, but i am trying to pass you the correct message here.
I am sure you are happy with them… good luck
Just to advice if an IB is registered with NFA. That company would establish its own Operations being FCM then rather utilizing other companies operations or would be WhiteLabel. Someone would only be regulated with a regulatory body, if they are holding client funds in a seperate customer funds account not touchable by the FCM, and in the terms of bankcruptcy, the FCM places all the money back to there clients.
Thanks and happy trading to you

Hello James, I have recieved a reply from Oanda acouple of days ago, they explained that the system was down for maintenance during the period when I was trying to connect, I have tried connecting again and now everything’s working; I am pretty much impressed and the problem is actually solved!

Regards, RD

To Rana :

The ability to be able to withdraw funds anytime from an ATM machine is a great idea.
I wish it was more common, even a standard practice.

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

By the way, I would like to update all and adjust the below info as the I Trade is currently standing at $ +3.9 M according to the financial data posted by the FCM at: Financial Data for FCMs.
Just for the note, so that the comments maintain an accurate and realistic shape in order to avoid any black mailing. In fact the firm has demonstrated outstanding service and very efficient platform; the spread can be better though…