Who trade EUR/USD today

Today EUR/USD started showing a bearish market early on. Due to it attaining its all time high since we enter this month, and the over all market been bullish, I presumed that the market was going to retrace from the all time high and drop. But… shayyyy, this did not go well. But I cut my losses immediately I observed that manipulation in the market. I believe that fiber has great impact on this, because all fiber major pairs are showing the same pattern. Did anyone observed it early on and made some lil profit?

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Nah bro I didn’t trade it at all. It’s most likely gonna be a rough week with all the news releases so one has to be super careful when entering trades at this moment. You most likely got stopped out due to the effect of that. Be careful next time

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Sure! Fiber had effects on all its paired currencies

I think it’s been a while since I last traded EURUSD, cause it ended with a big loss. :sweat_smile: Like Daniel said, it’s gonna be pretty rough, so good luck with your entries. Keep us posted, though! :blush:

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The market is still very low in volatile. I guest I will hold-on on EUR/USD until next month. :smirk:

Yes bro, I was able to get a good profit from the recent upward trend of EURUSD. Also, from GBPUSD, GOLD
Of course, I do not trade manually; I trade with the help of automatic and intelligent expert advisors.

But according to my long experience in the financial markets, it seems that it could be predicted, and the prediction error cannot be considered as the reason for the news occurrence.

ok @alinateghi.1376; I think EUR/USD, GBP/USD and gold have similar moves in the market. Did you observed that?

The EUR/USD pair settled at roughly 0.9790 on Friday, and is continuing its consolidation phase for a third week in a row. As usual, everything revolved around the American Dollar and whether or not speculators chose to purchase or sell the USD.