Who trades forex full time?

Just taking a poll on who trades full time ? Did you have a decent savings or nothing before making the move ?


Whoaaaa. That takes a lot of guts! That’s impressive!!! :muscle:


I trade full time, 4 hourly charts mainly, some end of day, I used some monies from a pension, not recommended, however it was a calculated risk which luckily didn’t backfire on me, although like most traders I did find my initial bank heading South before steadying the ship.


I started trading when I was 17.
Between 17 and 23, I always worked part-time (I had University to follow as well). In those years, I had the time to improve in Forex Trading and to build the necessary capital.
I quit my job after I reached over €50,000 with my account and I proved myself to be profitable for several years in a row. It was 2013, I was 23 and living with my parents, so €50,000 was still a reasonable amount to live off Forex Trading.


I am trading full time however since I am laid off and nothing better to do it’s a great time for me. I been trading for about three years. I can finally say with confidence I am a Experienced Forex Trader. I have gone thru the highs and lows. I have blown accounts, had multiple days of making over 2000 Grand A Day which really is chump change in forex.

i have paid monthly dues to high end programs and currently am a Lifetime member of a Forex Group. You as a NEW TRADER do not need any of that. Babypips is just fine. You don’t need to spend ANY $$$$ on any Programs ANYTHING.
I have ACCESS on a Daily basis to all these and I use NONE of THE FOLLOWING : Indicators to help catch breakouts, Charts to show Supply and Demand,Hidden divergence, Program to help Manage your trade, help with trailing stop losses, close % of profit and more.
Also several EA(Trading Bots to trade for me which I don’t use.

Everyone has to learn and grow at their own pace. The Biggest Mistake and looking at what everyone-else does. Most new traders look at experienced Traders using big lot sizes and they end of blowing their account.
I kept doing that myself. Now even today I use .01 lot size because I found Strategy that works for me, does not blow my account and I hit my Weekly Pip Goal.

The Proven Profit Strategy
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hi nick, i dnt have any job i do forex full time. plenty of contest is there and i got decent prize from that and made good profits.

Minimum 2 hours and maximum 4 hours, I would say.

I can’t say that I am trading full-time but I spend some time on it daily. I’ve been doing it for over 1 year. I like my full-time job, so doing this as a part time gig.

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Good for you man. Keep going strong. :wink:

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I have a job and i trade part time but I am planning to start trading full time as I am making decent money from that.

I am striving to do trade full time. I was able to take off at the beginning of the year but I had to go back due to unforeseen life changes. I am back at it again. I just need a little time to get back at it. I am looking forward to going back to working less than 4 hours a day ,5 days or less a week. The biggest thing I am looking forward to is being able to be a Full time mother to both of my kids. Being a single mother hasn’t been easy but all that will change.


I wish you all the best.