Who trades with oanda on here

I’ve been doing some research on oanda does anyone use them as their broker. Are they any good or are they out to make traders lose. The reason i ask this is because i went over to forexbastards.com, and seen a lot of good reviews and bad ones. I just want to to know who uses them on here and what are their pros and cons.

I use Oanda,
I like them so for only live for about month and a half.No slippage.I find there spreads to be good,and they are a pretty big broker compared to many.There pip value is measured in units,so you can trade 1 cent pips on up.The only thing I don’t like is there platform.I would rather have a fair broker than an elite platform.I use MT4 for my charting anyhow,and place my trades with Oanda.Hope this helps.Feel free to ask anything else!!:slight_smile:

If you based your opinion of a broker (or anything else) on a couple of bad reviews then you’ll never find a good one. People are more apt to complain than to praise. There are a lot of folks here who have or currently use Oanda (myself included). Do they have their limitations? Sure. But they are straightforward and have shown me no inclination toward screwing anyone.

There is a reason why they are at or near the top of the pile in terms of assets and such, without any advertising at all that I’ve ever seen. They’ve grown by word of mouth.

I’ve just started trading forex for a year now…and still alive :smiley: … i think oanda is great for new traders especially for those who have little capital…oanda allow u to trade any size lots even as low as one dollar…as mentioned earlier…their charts are a little basic…but sometime basic is better right?? …well i use mt4 for most of my charting needs…i never experienced any slippage with them…although they increase the spread during news events and weekends…so you have to be careful with your orders and stops…they also offer some exotic pairs…but some of them have some crazy spreads… but still worth checking out … my recommendation is to open a Game account with them…its free and never expires…and more or less same to the real account…
well hope that helps…

I use to use Oanda and had no problems at all. I had to switch over to IBFX thought because I had to have my 4 hour charts and use Metatrader. I recently started using the Metatrader Mobile software on my smartphone :D. Oanda is nice if you intend to trade at many locations and don’t want to lug around a laptop or install software on other people’s machines. I think those bad reviews are from people who lost $$$ because they had no money manamgent skills or system/method to boot and they needed someone to blame. Good Luck to you!!


I Guess they offer Margin-trading - 2% (or 50:1 leverage), right?

All forex brokers provide leveraged trading.

Am i saying leverage only with full stop.:rolleyes:
not all offers leverage like 50:1

Most offer higher. Oanda will only let you go as high as 50:1, which is plenty for most folks.

I recently opened an account with them but only today got the funds out to them (again) as there was a mixup of corporate Vs Personal funds


I’ve heard mostly good things allthough they put me through more “hoops” than I’m used to…

From where do you get the price feeds?

This has been asked a few times before, find a metatrader 4
broker, Alpari, North Finance et al.