WHOA! wassap traders

hey guys am jibuka from kenya and am trynna chase this paper but forex aint becoming any easier for me mahn:sob::sob:
so now i need a business idea from someone so i can start mah own company … especially guys from ZA and Northern Africa asap.

Hi Jibuka! :blush: I’m not familiar with ZA and North Africa so I can’t exactly recommend a business. :slight_smile: But maybe we can discuss it. :smiley: What do you think is something that the people in your area needs?

forex is a complicated issue and its a long term process to bring good result, so before starting this you have to ensure strong mental preparation.

its not a complicated something , we make it complex due to lack of knowledge and experience. sorry hadden not agree with you.

can you please why you considered Forex as not complex something?

its difficult to recommend at any business with no knowledge , its better to you discuss more about your local environment.