Who's in here is TRULY profitable?

In giving a direct answer to the question posted…

[B]Who’s in here is TRULY profitable? [/B]

No one here needs to answer that.

It is strictly private.

And it is really none of your business.

Get on with your own trading and make [U]that [/U]profitable.

I love you too tymen1.

Thank you very much for that SO VALUABLE POST!

It look like very interesting herbie, thanks! :slight_smile:

well to be honest i am finally starting to see consistancy in my trading. I have givin up on all “holy grail” systems and most indicators.

Now i look exclusively at supply and demand coupled with candlestick patterns. I have been working my other business night and day for 3 months so I havent had the time to trade as much as I would like but now I focus on the H4 which is a much better timeframe anyway (for me) and Im trading less, only looking for the highest probability setups.

Thanks, John

You don’t get the hint do you?

This question has been asked before.

I remember - Some guy posted it and started to get very insistant.

The Administration took to him and banned him.

So just be careful with this question so that the same does not happen to you.

what the hell are you on about tymen. There are twenty five responses to this thread and only one person, YOU, has provided an inappropriate and rude response. Take it from me that there is no chance that admin would take such action - accept about time they stood up to your rudeness.

This is a typical question for a new person to ask who would come to this forum and one that babypips would encourage, as that is there target market - newbies.
All other response to this thread by forum members, some senior and veteran memebrs who are not old and stuffy have been helpful - accept for you.

I cant believe your attitude - very child like but really old, stale and stuffy. Completely unhelpfull - the type of posts you tyically post would drive new people away, something admin would not be too keen on as they aim to make money from newbies clicking on the links within there pages direct to broker pages to open up there accounts.

It would seem from your posts that you are running some kind of personal war against me Herbie.

Don’t know why?
I have been here a long time - others have warred against me before, but they are now long gone.

I am only posting facts here.
Yes, the other thread was long too, but in the end, the inquisitor did get banned.
My response in not meant to be rude, just factual.

And, you know, at the end of the day, it really is no-one else’s business whether you are successful or not.
It can be very humiliating to fail at forex when you see everyone else succeed.

[B]People failing should be allowed to do so in private.[/B]

i dont get your point.
this is newbie island

Well said…

As you can see, tymen1, the title of this thread is: [B]Who’s in here is TRULY profitable?[/B]

Not: [B]Who’s in here lost or currently lose a lot of money?[/B]

Believe it or not the question have a purpuse. I want to know who’s opinions, posts and answers really matter. It will help me and so many other. And you, what do you do? Tell me it’s not of my business… IT DOESN’T HELP AT ALL tymen1.

If you do not like my questions, just move on, I don’t give false informations, I just ask questions and dig to understand the system!

You said to Herbie that he seems to run some kind of personal war against you. Well, let me say that YOU seems to run some kind of war again me, and I just don’t know WHY!

What on earth did I did to you tymen1???

It’s not offensive to post a general thread asking if people are profitable. Personally, I think it’s a fair question. If I did not think it was a fair question, I would ignore the thread and let others answer. If you don’t want people to know whether you are profitable or how much money you make, simply step aside. There is no need to do anything!

I’m not yet profitable in my currency trading, but I’m getting closer. I enjoy hearing from those who are profitable, it’s encouraging.

Here comes the real problem, people think there is only one way to do things, this is what is wrong with tymen imho.

Tymen if a person wishes to remain private in there p/l that is there concern. When Im at work people ask me John how much did you bid for this job and my answer is almost always a genreic blow off like not enough, or whatever. At work I find it prudent to not discuss numbers. If I was going through a nasty divorce and was hiding assets in the kaymens then I wouldnt even post in an fx forum.

I mjay be a sharing guy who dots my i’s and crosses my t’s and file my taxes and so forth, therefore I would have no real reason to not be honest.

I like to post on bps even though ive been a memebr longer than tymen I don’t rub anyones nose in it. Even though ive gained alot of great experience I dont try to make other people feel stupid, And when somebody does something different than me I am greatful because it is this variety of trading methodology that keeps bps interesting to me.

Some will always say there way is the only way but the truly experienced know better and we realize that different strokes for different folks.

OK enough of my rant, I just want everyone to get along and be respectful to one another. Im glad there is a lively discussion here in meisky’s thread.

Talk to you guys later, john

I think threads like this can be useful… no one is asking how much yuo make… just are you profitable? each trader has a different expectation of what is “profiable” to some it might be 1% to others 10%…100%…1000% to each thier own.

I think the main point is, yes you can be profitable at this, just don’t expect it over night. Most traders struggle to break even or lose money at first.

So if you are diligent, have the right mindset, and enoughscreen time, then you too can succeed. Fx is not for everyone

C’mon I don’t know how a simple question can bother someone!

There are just two simple answers to that question and I’ll put them like in a school exam so teachers can understand them:

a) Yes
b) No

There is probably option C and this is:

c) I don’t care, or I don’t want to answer.

In which case I wouldn’t recommend to post in here at all since other statements don’t answer the question.

MY ANSWER is: TRULY profitable?

b) No

[B]Despite the protests and objections I stand by what I say and hence disagree with the purpose of the question.[/B]

Discussing pips is one thing, but asking publicly how much money people are making is basically sticking your nose into what is [U]not your business[/U].
What purpose does it serve you to know??? :confused:

Every trader is at different levels and this is a school, so discriminating between those who are successful and those who are not is unfair. :frowning:

There will be those who will not succeed and again I say that those people should be allowed to gracefully fail in private.

Since you people do not seem to understand the thrust of what I am saying, I will post a similar thread here.

[B]Read this thread and look at the consequences…[/B]


btw you must searched hard to find that…for what purpose other than to belittle people…surely you could of spent your time better stroking your cat!

To [B]Herbie [/B]:

While you were busy analysing my post so as to produce that long whinge of yours, I was busy analysing AUD/USD, AUD/JPY and USD/JPY, did a trade on each and made a nice profit!!

So you are bitter.
And I am better!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

no bitterness here i am just sweet boy who his sick of your arrogant antics

Oh Herbie, the pips, the pips are calling!! :smiley: :smiley: