Why are we too extreme?

so youre kinda top G, ha? all of us have to get out of the matrix

do U think all these diseases R natural? cause people R talkin different

Yes, 100% natural. Same as other diseases in history that seemed to appear out of nowhere, like aids etc. Covid is in the same disease family as the flu etc, just a super mutated version.

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Please note - when you say “we” - that includes ME ! and since I reject your assertions and reject any feelings of guilt which you are trying to dump on ME - then by reduction of the word “we” - as explained above the only one left in “WE” is You !

I am ME and make my own decisions - I will not obey your commands - even If you present them as “polite requests” - You live YOUR life - I WILL live Mine ! And since your basic premise is erroneous - I shall not change the way I live in any way whatever ! :slightly_smiling_face:

World populatrion has pretty much peaked and it is unlikely ever to exceed 9 billion.

As per James Lovelock “Gaia” - just look at detroit, Chicago, Chernobil and watch how fast Nature recovers from damage

Rev TR Malthus “WAr, Pestilence and Famine” are natural controllers of human population - somewhat outdated now and he underestimated technological advancement in his hypothesis.

Perhaps - but notice how now the whole thing has suddenly ceased to become a “worry” - now “they” have been proved wrong and the money has been made :rofl:

And yes they will soon pop-up another scare - the human race does seem to have a deep-rooted need to be “Scared” of something !


hmmmm makes sense but i think we can not say its 100% correct

@NatureGirl ! Honestly I can’t seem to get enough of this topic you raised, bcoz these literally one of the greatest challenge of our contemporary time. You know, i actually agree with

but it seems we’re outsmarting mother nature. By any means have you come across a documentary made by Mr. Al Gore, former Vice President of the U.S.A, around 2006 or thereabouts titled " AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH ", He categorically made clear in that documentary about the damages we’re inflicting up on Earth and funny enough the mandates of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 is not yet halfway to being accomplished, try checking out the documentary, maybe you might agree with I and @Pauley1 that Dooms Day might not only end up being a Sci-Fi movie but a reality if we don’t step up our game and as well reconsider saying this,

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hmmm now its gettin better. ive been a fan of moderation ma whole life. can you imagine what it would be like? mean the doomsday

Absolutely not ! it would be literally crazy, like an experience the human race hasn’t witnessed before, can’t even imagine that :scream:, that was just a similitude of situation we might find ourselves in, if we don’t do the needful, just hope we can preserve our only home (Planet Earth) long enough for our generations unborn.

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Wow! :flushed: I haven’t seen this topic yet. You’re literally the Nature Girl.

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Earth can sometimes seem like hell, with the man made structure being forced upon the human race. The governments the oligarchy, Fiat banks and even the just those that have control over the things we need to live. Money is the root of evil. My nanna used to say (back in the 90`s) as long as you have a roof over your head and food on the table you will be ok,
(Rest Her Soul). Times have changed in such a short period of time. You need lots of money for these things now and they (The rule makers) don’t care if you are sleeping on a cardboard box in the streets because you just don’t have it.
The rich have gotten richer and now the majority must work there fingers to the bone most of there given lives to eventually see in most occasions that this, if not worked correctly will not be enough to retain a stress free life for you and your supporting family. Federal governments made up by corrupt government are cartels like doctor evil trying to put there foot on the necks of the innocent in the aim to feed there wealth and make sure they personally are financially free.
Common people have to be smarter these day to not succumb to this corrupt model and trading is just one way to achieve this, but what ever direction you do decide to breakout from the chains, you must be discipline because of how hard excess money is to retain. DONT GAMBLE they want you to do that. Back test every move you make before putting forward your hard earnt cash, minimize risk educate your self every spare moment you can.
Baby Pips is a starting savior for anyone who finds interest in this possible breakout option to financial stability.

Thanks for the rant.


there will be an eternity of unborn generations. how can we keep the home safe for such a long time?

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course i am :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

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first of all welcome Willagee1 :green_heart: and after that i wanna say that im glad to meet someone with this perspective and i really proud of people like you :green_heart: :green_heart: keep going :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

Well ! that’s gonna be by putting our faith and hope in our ability and aswell capability to keep it long enough for them by doing the necessity that it requires of us, then Mother Nature can handle the rest of it, how does that sound ? :grinning:

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makes sense but sometimes we need to think bout controllin the population cause there might not be enough resources to go around for everyone