Why cnt i view Forest Gump and PipDiddy's blog?(passwrd reqrd any1)

im tryin to view Forest gump and PipDiddy’s blog but it requires a password wherein before it does nt.
how come i can view it before but now i can’t?
i hope someone could give me an explanation and hopefully i can access it again bec. it does provide infos for us traders…


Same here… What’s up with that? Anyone got any ideas?

but the other blogger i can view their blogs excepts for the two which requires passwrd…

could it be for selected few only now?..i hope it wont go that way…
any1 have answer?

I saw in the Bugs & Suggestions section either this morning or yesterday that they were having issues with some of the servers. If I remember rightly, it sounds like the same problem of asking for log-in details of some sort. Check in there for the thread & if it’s not the same issue then just let the mods know & they’ll either sort it or give you an explanation (probably both).

according to Pip Diddy they facing techniql issues now…i got rep from him in fb…

Hey all,

This should now be resolved. Thanks for your patience while we got it fixed. If you’re still having access issues, please clear your web browser’s temporary Internet cache or do a hard refresh with your browser session. Please let us know if you continue to have any problems.


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