Why did USDJPY fall today

So I had a USDJPY trade on from last week.

I knew US CPI was coming out this morning, but USDJPY fell off the cliff at like 8 AM.

Why #1.

Even after the release, which I think came in better than expected, USDJPY continued to fall.

Why #2.

I thought a good CPI was good for USD and so good for USDJPY.

It’s only just now starting reserve, like over the last 30-45 min.

Why #3.

What am I missing?

DXY going down?


The unexpected deceleration in US inflation rates in July is weighing down US Treasury yields and cutting down Fed rate hike odds in the near-term. The odds of a 75-bps rate hike in September have dipped back below 50%, where they had been for the past several days in the wake of the blowout July US jobs report. The knock-on effect in financial markets has been a weaker US Dollar, with the DXY Index breaking below multi-month uptrend support and USD/JPY rates turning lower towards the August lows.

Wasn’t just the USDJPY - everything went haywire.

I was scalping the Nasdaq for maybe 10pts and forgot all about the news

Next thing - I made 230pts in less than 3 minutes!

Silly me forgetting the news!!! :joy:


Nice. I got a £400 unexpected profit once from a position I had forgotten was open! Mind you, that was years ago and its never happened since…