Why didn`t the NASDAQ100 price change since still 24 of may?


Im looking at my gap nasdaq closing trading system. And I see on yahoo finance and on trading view that the market closed on 24 of May at 18.808 and hasnt moved in 4 days?
Why is that what`s happening the world that is so important that the stock market is closed?
Thank you

Well, where I live, it is May bank holiday Monday yesterday. Not sure that is worldwide, but it may be.

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It was Memorial Day in the US, and a bank holiday in many other countries, too; but the CME was open for half the day yesterday, and NQ futures traded (on low volumes, but still …).

To be honest I was, like Bogdan, quite surprised the Nasdaq had barely moved. :neutral_face:

Isn’t it ironic that something called Memorial Day slipped my memory?..