Why different Candles (2 different brokers) same cross and timeframe

I noticed that in the same timeframe 1 hour (in Mt4), two different brokers (both consider the closing time at New York), show different candel in the same cross (aud/usd). Please see the screenshot. Can someone explain to me? Note that this is a problem because i can draw resistance and support level different from other people who use different brokers and all analysis can be different.

Hi there :wink:
Please note that you cannot compare 100% the charts of two (or more) different brokers as it is very likely that they do not have same liquidity providers, e.g. they might have different price feeds, resulting in slightly different candles (what seems to be the case on the provided pictures).
Beside that I agree that grater difference in the charts might mix up your analysis. So maybe you should focus just on the charts of one of the both brokers.