Why do some forex traders eventually give up?

What are the reasons some forex traders give up on trading?


Most of newbies will lose their money and they want to recover the lost with the short time and the loop repeats.
If traders don’t treat trading seriously and there is a passion with trading they will quit easily since trading takes time to learn and practice, it needs year to year, if traders don’t have enough patient, it’s very hard to go on.


Perseverance is key to eventual success. It took me a couple of years to become break-even profitable. Which goes to show there is really no short cut to success.


Everyone has different reasons for entering and leaving.


Tbh that ■■■■ is hard :joy: , the hard part is changing your mentality. The truth is, it takes years of dedication just to get decent, so you have to have a strong Will & good risk management to stay in the game .


Better batten down the hatches!
It’s going to get worse before it gets better!
But if you stick with it, you can reach calmer waters. I have faith.

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People mostly give up Forex because they can’t run their trading effectively. Better strategy should be developed for better trading.