How many times should i try before giving up?

ive given forex trading three tries but i also lost during those three times. the first two failures were because i did not really have time to learn and trade. the third time, i even demo traded so i thought i was ready. i dont want to give up but should i just do it?thanks

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any help will be apprciated. i really want to be a successful trader

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if you think about what you written ,there is only you who knows the answer.

thank you. i understand but i am hoping someone was able to succeed from similar circumstances and even after many trading failures

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Just a quick question: do you think you’re the first to do poorly at trading?

thank you for your response. i believe i am not but i am not sure others have failed as many gtimes as i have. i want to still hope

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The process promoted On here is do the course ,demo trade a strategy till you constantly become profitable at least 6 months

I’m sorry that you feel this way. :open_mouth: And just what like the others have been trying to say, other people have also gone through this. But I feel like, in order to get somewhere in forex, you also have to be consistent. :frowning: If you don’t mind me asking, what strategy did you use in your demo trading? :open_mouth:

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Well, there’s your answer. I’m not trying to be rude. But if you don’t want to quit, then don’t allow quitting to be an option. It sounds cliche, but I really believe it.

Don’t quit! Keep going! Keep going!

Use the search button. There are lots of people who felt like you. See what other people have said in other threads.


Do not quit.

Traders fail because they either do not learn how to trade or they do learn but then ignore their own rules.

When starting out, the most basic and most objective strategy will be the right choice. It still might not make a profit, but after a series of 100 demo trades using the strategy you will understand why it isn’t working for you and what you need to do to improve its performance.

What is the simplest, most objective strategy?
Trend-following on the D1 time frame.
This is like learning how to start the car and drive to the end of your road and back. And the strategy involves doing it again and again and again. If you crash doing this, start the demo series at No.1 again.


Hey dear….trust me, u haven’t failed as many times as I have.
I had a one year losing spree in forex.Anytime I feel I have gotten it right, then boom it’s all gone.

Why?…because I get over confident, then over leveraging comes in striving from impatience.
I also lost because I put pressure on myself to succeed in forex by putting hope in my profits as my ends meet.
After getting tired of losing, I took few weeks break and came back better……I don’t have those unnecessary urge to take trades randomly again(let’s face it-most times it’s not the strategy but the over-leveraging) , I’m always conscious of my leveraging cos MISMANAGEMENT OF FUND is the highest cos of failed trading.

I encourage you to come back with a better mindset and key in ur experiences from ur previous losses and the stage is urs🤗.


What? Just 3 times? You are having a laugh (English accent).

I have a property agent in the North East of England. Two brothers - one ex nuclear industry, the other ex armed forces. Their company is called NGU. It stands for “never give up”. There is a reason they have managed all our properties for the last ten years. They Never Give Up.

Next time you feel like you are the only one who fails repeatedly, listen to this on loop for about an hour. It will never get out of your system after that. I sometimes go on a long walk with this on loop.


Go watch Rocky!!


You made some good points Janey ,it can two steps forward then a step back or worst. :grin::sob:.All part of the learning curve


I don’t think you should give up entirely but I’d suggest approaching things differently since it hasn’t worked so far. Consider your strategy and trading plan - did you use the same approach each time, or have you been trying different things out? How long did you trade on demo? I’d suggest spending more time doing researching and practicing on demo until you’re bringing in consistent profits. Once you go live, you could keep a trading journal and only risk a small amount so that you can limit your losses if things don’t go well.

I have failed in forex for 3 years. Then I started to see some changes. I have a profitable system, but I am still improving it.

How many times you should try depends solely on you. Check out the poll I made, thanks to @darthdimsky for the idea, to see what strategies you can try out.


What was your system or strategy?

I am a beginner but still want to add something - Whenever you feel like quitting, just think of giving one last try. This might help you.

You have to go on and on and on and on. Personally I have failed so many times, but never gave up. Now after five years, I’m :grinning: making small profits.

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In terms of deposit blow outs I think as much as you can afford, though keep deposits small so losing it won’t cause emotional tensions or heavy mood swings. Keeping emotional balance is essential thing for mistake-free trading and also keeping focus on your trading system instead of money gains.

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