Why does she have to work for a living? It's so unfair!

Listen to this silly girl cry about having to work 40 hours per week


She probably hopes somebody will just give her the money she needs for her rent, phone, internet, food, whatever. — so she will no longer have to endure the torture of supporting herself.

What a terrible attitude.

Congrats to me! I endured that video for 48 seconds!

She said her rent is $1660, and her income is $2000. That means she needs a smaller apartment.

I’m not sure what to think of this video. I seldom trust women’s tears, now. So, I’m assuming she worked up a couple tears before hitting record.

Also, she got a TON of views. She’ll probably start an OF, quit her job, then buy a house.


As a woman who likes to work this is annoying to watch and unfortunately couldn’t stand watching it. I watched all of 5 seconds. This is becoming WAY TOO common now. Idk if ya’ll saw the video of the two ladies who recorded themselves being fired on Zoom… Sigh.


Nope. This is why I try to stay away from social media, and videohosting sites. Youtube, I limit it as much as possible. Tiktok, instagram, twitter, etc I stay away from them all.

However, there is a lot of valuable information on them. But I know I’ll end up watching nonsense eventually.

I am living an incredibly similar life. I work 40+ hours a week, my rent is 1600 and I make a little over $2000 a month. I can’t even afford a car, so I walk the mile to work every day and back. I also attend technical school which combined with everything else in life gives me very little breathing room.

Thats the grind.

This is what creates my passion to learn trading and other skills. So one day I do not have to walk a mile in the freezing cold, blistering heat, or any other conditions. So I can enjoy maybe reading a book under a tree in a park. Seeing my family and friends whenever I’d like.

I’m young, and this is the looming grind of adult life. But it used to be so much worse for older generations, so I do not complain.

Pick yourself up and create the future you crave.

Though for nearly sixteen million views maybe I should throw on the waterworks and spill my day-to-day life :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :rofl:


Why is she renting a 2-bedroom apartment? She can either look for a roommate, move into a smaller, cheaper place, or look for a better job.

Or maybe waiting for someone to create a gofundme account for her. :man_facepalming:


It’s funny, until it’s not funny.

¨She went from making around $7 an hour at the fast food restaurant to more than $1,800 a day creating exclusive content.¨

You know I used to think comments like this was kind of a joke UNTIL I actually saw a post on Instagram shared by a friend! She was running a GoFundMe to pay for her rent because she quit her job she said she didn’t like!!! I was like holy crap is this real life. The worst part was, she was actually able to raise money!

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I mean, might as well! Lol.

Although wow that rent is eating up almost all of your money! Do you live in a city?? I feel that struggle though and salute you for carrying on. What sort of technical school are you attending? It helps to know this struggle is temporary once you finish!!!

I won’t hate on this lol. She’s merely providing supply for something that’s clearly in demand. So much better than just whining IMO. I just hope they’re thinking of their future for when youth can no longer serve them.

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I actually live in a small town. It was relatively cheap and quiet until COVID. After that a bunch of people moved out here, nearly 60,000 in the county in just 3 years. Most of them being rich and with COVID it threw the market up around here and now everything’s expensive as hell, and just keeps getting worse.

I attend an electrical contractors’ international school.

Ugh that sucks. Are you thinking of moving to a different state?

Oh good. That’s definitely an industry that will continue to do well!

Eventually, lack the capital and ability to move at this point. I’ll probably be here for another year or two. Hoping to move to somewhere a bit further south, probably Texas.

And yeah, it definitely is a strong industry. Hoping to get out of it though soon. Use my license as more of a back-up if my future plans and goals fail.

What do you want to be your primary source of income? Are you trying to start a biz?

Texas is expensive too though no? Or I guess cause I only know of Austin and Houston.

I’m hoping to start a sort of online marketing agency as the business is booming and people are in need of a skill that doesn’t entirely take a lot to learn. I also will have help; my partner is diving into it all right now.

And from my last trip to Belton Texas back in 2022, a house that would have gone for about 2 million here went for around 350,000. Shopping at Walmart was amazing, picked up shirts, pants, and flip flops for under $100.

Maybe things have changed since I last went but it appeared much cheaper.

Whaaaat. Dang feel bad for those who bought at those outrageous prices.

Sounds like a much more sustainable plan. And glad you have help! That’s huge.