Why Hello there! Very excited to be starting this journey

My name is Jacob (Jake). I am 30 years old as of the 4th of December. I have 5 amazing kids and live in sunny southern California with my beautiful wife and children. I have an extensive background in computer engineering, retail, and music theory, with a slight background in psychology which I’m hoping only helps me in my endevour. I love to learn and can usually be found reading. I have only recently been studying through the school here @ babypips and have been loving every second of it. I really enjoy the lessons and the corresponding tests. If any of you are willing, or more inclined, in allowing me the oppertunity to be a bit of an ask-hole please let me know as I would love the to further my knowledge of the world associated with Forex. I Thank you in advance and I look forward to learning with you all. :slight_smile:
-Stiff Upper Pip-

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome. Good luck.

Hello, Jacob… Welcome to Forum of babypips, You are at right place to discuss all the issue of forex and market related question. Good Luck…