Why i am here, im andrew and i love money and learning

Hey there! im choosing to learn how to day trade in the fx market because i believe i can make the money i desire on this market. i also like that its a market thats open 24/5, im an early bird person and also a person who likes to work through the night, maybe that will change when im rich but until now my drive to get rich needs a market like this with the availability to work "overtime’ and lastly i dont want to be uneducated when it comes to global markets and currencies. i want to know money just as much as i love it!

I hope you have plenty of money to meet your desires. Unfortunately, FX trading is the simplest but the hardest to be successful. There is no quick path, especially if your mindset is just making money.

Best of luck.

Welcome. Start here

I was laughing out load when I saw this phrase “I live money and learning” . you know, these are only common things among all members here, as I believe :smiley:

I think many actually don’t like learning.

They like the results of “having learned”, but not the process of learning itself.

The few who genuinely like learning, too, will do much better, overall.

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That’s an awesome mindset and a solid plan. Day trading in the forex market can indeed offer the flexibility you’re looking for.

Welcome to the community! You’re in the right place to learn! It won’t be an easy journey so be patient and stay motivated as you go through the learning process. Good luck and see you around!