Why i can't download mt4

Hai why i can’t download mt4 metatrader when i install the app his go to metatrade5. Mql5
Can someone sent me mql4.exe or give me the link.
Thank bro

Are you installing the desktop platform or mobile app?
For desktop, download the platform from here Download MetaTrader 4 for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android
You would need to scroll down to see the MT4 download button.

Hello Anjun! Could you please clarify whether you’re looking to download the MT4 application for desktop or mobile? The reason I’m asking this is because there are different versions available for downloading the application for desktop, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web where you can access the platform from any browser on an operating system depending on your preference. Why don’t you try out trading platforms that makes the download quite easy and seamless? Just in case you still face any issue, try contacting their support team.
I tried my hands at working on these platforms for MT4 and so far had a great experience. Try out Fxview, FXTM, Go Markets, and XTB. Do a bit of your research about these portals and see for yourself which among these suits you. They all have reliable customer service.

i think you already got the answer , hope for the best you need actually.

I think you can tell us more about the problem so we can get some more clarity. The MT4 platform is available for all the major operating systems. This is the reason that even linux operating systems are supported by the platform.

You will have to specify where you are trying to download Mt4, desktop or mobile. There are different versions of the trading platform that are compatible with a particular device. You will have to make sure that you are trying to download the right version of the platform.

For the last some months, I have been seeing traders facing issues with using MT4. If that is so, why don’t you change the platform. Looks like you may be making some settings that it doesn’t support. There are advanced trading platforms that support different settings that you can look out for.

Which broker do you use? Some of them could move completely to MT5 (the newest version of the platform). Here is the link for example to Hotforex MT4 Open Demo Account

from my first day of trading i have been using MT4 which really recommend by any kinds of trader

I downloaded MT4 from your link and opened program which immediately took me to Mt5. Any ideas?

Hot forex does not do US accounts.

I have the same problem.

Are you sure you downloaded MT4 platform only from that link? To get the MT4 platform link you would need to scroll down.

This screenshot will help you to download the correct platform.

Are you from the US? Yeah it’s sad but they don’t accept traders from several countries. Then I would definitely suggest your to try US-based brokers however don’t expect high leverage available.