Why is Friday a bad day to trade?

I hear many traders say Friday is a bad day to trade…why is that?
Seems like the market is very temperamental.
I know the last Friday of each month can be dodgy as people take profits to get their monthly targets but other Fridays during the month should just be normal shouldn’t they?

probably because it is tempermental…

That’s not answering the question is it :slight_smile:
Why is it temperamental?

Hello people! I too will like to know the answer to this question. you see, i trade everyday of the week when i can. I only avoid the news hours, which am even not so good at. So please if you got a clue here educate us. Thanks.

friday is a bad market day because of much lower liquidity. High liquidity means high volatility and that’s how money is made in forex.

Friday after 12 is usually when traders start exiting for the weekend. That’s why it’s bad to trade, because liquidity goes down and makes trading very hostile.

I’ve also heard it said that it is risky because you may get stuck in a position when the markets close, and sometimes see sudden gaps when they reopen Sunday afternoon that might be unfavorable to your position.

Well, I can tell you that my candlestick trading method knows nothing of Fridays being a bad day!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Trade all you want, any day of the week!! :slight_smile:

You’re right, Virtecs, but I think it’s not just an issue of liquidity. A lot of the “big boys” are exiting their trades on Friday afternoon not because of any type of technical or fundamental analysis, but simply because it’s Friday afternoon and they don’t want to hold the trades over the weekend!

That alone can make the markets do unpredictable things on Fridays, and when you add low volume in it gets even worse… :slight_smile:

Friday is a no kick day; not enough trading to drive prices to TP; it happen to me twice on Friday using Furious Angel Daily Breakout.

On the second time, I manually close it for 1/2 the TP.

I don’t think I will do it on Friday again.