Why is the forum becoming toxic

Sad times we live in , I used to really enjoy this forum for shared learning however I find myself pulling away from it due to what we can only say is toxic behaviour.

Is it jealously because they fail or just nasty to the core, I am tired of the abuse in my inbox when I give advise or show a way to trade so my answer is to simply not publicly help, I have done this over 15 years and being in business over 20 years so paid my dues and make a solid living that I was happy to share , so well done to the trolls

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So sorry to hear this @Lang15. Sent you a DM!

I haven’t seen it being toxic.

I haven’t really noticed this but am sorry that you have been having these issues.

Very sorry to hear that.

Tell the trolls to bring their arguments to the forum instead of responding to them via IM. That way we can all participate and gain from the discourse.

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This is actually just a sign of success. You are reaching enough people that the trolls notice you and trolls will be trolls.


@Lang15, Scruffy stand strong with your supporters!

You have a lot to offer! Great practical trading advice! BPs is lucky to have a member like you!



Has it? I am sorry that you are facing that. Try to shrug it off and not to let that get in your head.

Trust me, successful people always have to deal with this.
I experience the same on another Forum about trading.
I share two live accounts there, I manage ÂŁ145K, I have a long track record in profit, every single year. Every time I start a thread, I support it with data and facts.
Real traders, who also are professionally involved in this business, respect me (or I like to believe so). People who don’t even have a trading account or tried but failed, always have something negative to say about me, my trading style, my trading account etc.

You are active here and you also have a free YouTube channel. It means that you truly want to help people and make this world a better place.
So fight for all the people worth of your help, let the others talk :slight_smile:


Why do you think they abuse you?? Are they abusing you or are they challenging your ideas?? It can be easy to confuse cronstructive criticism with abuse.

Just a thought.



I think being called a tosspot trader and my family should die of cancer would be considered toxic. So as of today I wont be posting anything publicly, as dont need the hassle. already stopped on a number of forums and instagram twitter etc

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Yes I would agree and that type of rhetoric is totally uncalled for. I am sorry you have experienced that kind of behaviour.

Fortunately I have not experienced that from this forum.



Hey @Lang15, That’s not acceptable… even I don’t get that kind of toxic attention here…

As some of the older members know…It’s a lot safer to post in here than it was say 18 months ago…

Don’t let their behavior stop you from posting… Contact the Moderators and point out the origin of the Posts / PM’s… They are usually pretty good, but at times they do need some prompting…

Hey @Lang15 Sorry to hear that man and very uncalled for.

It’s a shame, that certain individuals have to act like that and ruin it especially when people are tying to help. Most of us on this site are here to learn and look for advice on trading yet there is probably a small number of people on here that trade full time and DON’T need to be here but yet they still stick around and help others.

I am a very very raw rookie but when I saw this I felt compelled to write and tell the trolls to miss you with all their blah blah blah! Sir, I can already tell by the responses that your wisdom is invaluable and I would be grateful to continue to read what wisdom you would care to share!

Is that here or other forums? What forums? Maybe tell the mods here, if it’s here.

I am on a couple of other fx forums and they dont get anything of this type. I get the impression that some of the older members here don’t like anyone with a different opinion to them.
Sad, but thats modern day life. Try to ignore them

It is based on our mindset!!

Yikes. Didn’t think this community is capable of housing such an individual. Common on other social platforms but that’s odd around here. Unless more new people are joining and this community is slowly changing for the worse? I sure hope not!

Things become toxic due to individual personalities. Like any virus it can spread through hosts who don’t keep up their proper defenses. The difference is how to rid yourself of it. Ignore the toxic personalities. They feed on your insecurities and passions.