Why is the NASDAQ100 now dead in the water?


I placed a trade at 4PM romanian time the market was open. Ive took a look at 10 PM Romanian time and the market is still its not moving either way.

Why has the market stop trading before market close time?
Thank you

Dude, its a bank holiday today. Markets are closed.


What again another bank holiday how many of them are out there? There was like another one 2 weeks ago. This is a joke every 2 days there is a holiday.
Thanks for letting me know

Independence Day is next. Then Labor Day, Veterans Day.

That`s just stupid. But thanks for letting me know

Are you trading US market CFDs from another country?


I`m writing this because my post is too short

:rofl: that is sometimes how I feel. As a contractor, paid by the day of working, it is often upsetting to have to work a 4 day week just because the rest of the world decides to have a “public holiday”. When I was employed in a job, I was assigned once to Brunei, which is the best country in the world. They respect all religious holidays and I believe have more public holidays than any other country. Try to find something else to do (like relaxing) on these non-trading days, and remember to check the Babypips Forex market time zone converter for convenience. Forex Market Hours - Forex Market Time Converter

Set it to 24 hours and your local time zone to avoid confusion.

US markets will close 3hrs early today. Then closed all day tomorrow.