Why is XAG/USD's pip value 5 times bigger than normal?

When I trade 1 lot of XAU/USD, each pip represents $10.
When I trade 1 lot of XAG/USD, each pip represents $50.

Is this a broker-specific thing? Why is silver 5 times bigger?

Hallo Trader,
I trade with ETX Capital and there you can chose between Standard, Mini and Micro Lots. Is it possible that you have chosen a standard lot for Silver. Just call your broker and they shall help you. Kind Regards, Entcho.

Keep in mind that 1 standard lot of a currency pair is not the same as 1 standard lot of gold/silver on most brokers.
For example on Oanda’s MT4:
1.00 volume of XAU/USD = 5,000 troy oz. of silver
1.00 volume of XAG/USD = 100 troy oz. of gold

Showing us your formula for pip value calculation could also be helpful.