Why not JPYUSD ----- why USDJPY?

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Could someone shed some light on this?


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I have no idea why this happened. But it seems to be done to maintain the volume.

Interesting, thank you x

It’s easier to read the rate that way. For example if USDJPY is 109.645, in JPYUSD it’s 0.00912034. It blurs the eyes. So it became a standard to almost all pairs with JPY to put it on the right side.


The first currency in an FX pair is known as the base. The base currency is the one that a trader thinks will go up or down against the second currency in the pair. This second currency is known as the quote or counter currency.

For example, EUR/USD is always written with the EUR as the base currency and not the other way around. This is due to standards that have been universally set, whereby each currency has a ranking relative to one another. If one currency is ranked higher than another, when quoted as a currency pair it will receive base currency status.

The universally accepted ranking order is as follows:

  1. EUR
  2. GBP
  3. AUD
  4. NZD
  5. USD
  6. CAD

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