Why trader get profit in the first trade. Later start loosing money

Some traders get profit at their very first trade.

Once they learn a lot . start loosing money …

That is called luck.

Same thing as in a casino, your first trade as a new trader is most likely a bet (not a planned, well thought trade). And with the first bet without any knowledge about the market you will have about a 50% chance on “guessing” the right direction.

trading is a game of probabilities. You will need lots and lots of trades to know if you got an “edge” and can be profitable in the long run.

Thanks for the answer.

In some cases it’s just a lucky fluke, in others the newbies are focusing on the simple things that they know and understand. Once they learn more they don’t know what to focus on due to lack of experience and start losing money.

When you put on your first trade, sometimes there is no “stake” at hand. People are brand new, they see an opportunity and then take it. But once euphoria kicks in, then it filters the decision making process and you can’t “see” as well anymore and the trades become skewed and losing money ensues.

Also during the learning phase, with the accumulation of knowledge, the goal to win can intensify. That desire can have a negative effect, it prevents one from being objective. If I learn such and such a skill or strategy, then I will make money. So people start employing and jumping from strategy to strategy, not giving probability a chance to play itself out. Furthermore, it is also easy to get frustrated and doubtful and end up revenge trading. Hence more money loss.

So until you have mastered yourself, your technique and your emotions, there are going to be losses.

It is called a beginning luck!!

It is not necessary that it happened with every trader that he will make profit first then loose his money .Most of the traders not get profit in their first trade they have to work hard for this .

Its only due to luck. I consider this bad luck. If a trader gets easy profit in start he won’t concentrate on serious learning and thinks that trading is easy. This is a great hindrance in his trading progress later on.