Why we need more (good) female traders

To you too…

Incredible,.all those seven-year cycles broken in an extravagant shower of cheap central-bank mon… ahem, lollipops!

“Very few significant ways …” - On average yes ! but what about at the extremes ?

The implication being that “differences” are NOT the output of “ability” - but simply of “interest” in various subjects !

You might want to listen to the full interview @ria_rose - it addresses a good many of the falacies which the Identity Politics proponents would propagandise you with ! -

PLease ensure that anyone tempted to trade with this Company do their own due diligence.

Personally I wouldn’t go there !

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Just noticed that the thread no longer seems pinned - I may be wrong - therefore I am gently nudging it up…


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Hey everyone, don’t forget to check out my new interview here!!


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Thanks for this share! :grinning:

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Interesting times !

So here we have a predictable (value based) movement - although - No You tell me !

How many of your “wonderful” female traders - Were correctly positioned for this move - what level did they get in at ? - and since the benefit of hindsight - changes the truth - WHEN and at what level will they go Long ?

Go on then - you have their phone numbers - Ring 'em up and ask them !

I hear such nonsense for the first time that men are smarter than women. This is wrong…

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it makes diversity

The FCA seems to be taking a pretty proactive role in that regard - the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority now requires some of its licensed companies to disclose whether or not they meet diversity goals concerned with the representation of women and ethnic minorities in high ranking positions.

Personally, I think it’s a good think - the more people, the merrier.

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Trading does not care about your gender, beauty, etc. It is a fact. Please do not mingle yourself with these things, if you want to become a succesful ( profitable ) trader. If you are serious about this, do not break your head about these things. Become succesful and pave the way for others you want.

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Diversity goals are a tick-box way to score the recruitment performance of an organisation. But the percentage figures derived say nothing about the integrity of the organisation, the quality of its management or the strength of their internal policies.

In any case, what is the diversity figure? Is it simply a snapshot? For example, a company can say they have X% of people from Minority “A” working for them today. But how long do people of that minority tend to stay? How are they treated? Are they beneficiaries of targeted support? How were they recruited? How will they be developed and promoted? Let alone the questions concerning Minorities B, C, D, E etc. etc.

Its woke BS.

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Why does trading need more female traders? How does that benefit trading?

Females are already free to enter trading in any reasonably well run democracy with up to date and respectful laws. If they don’t want to enter the process, that’s their decision.


As a generality you are absolutely correct - in fact the “Median woman” is pretty much exactly the same as the “Median man” - However do we really want “median people” (IQ = 100?) as traders being paid vast amounts of money for their modest abilities ? along th e lines being voiced by @mlawson71 In his FCA link ?

However the best evidence seems to suggest that as we (ALL) know men numerically exceed women at both ends of the “Bell curve” - ie there are more “idiot men” and also more “Genius men” - Why exactly evolution should have put that split in place nobody knows as yet - but we do know that “men are disposable” in the Evolutionary scheme of things and a number of men being refused participation in the “Breeding game” - because of their “idiot status” is more than compensated for (one suggests) that the benefits to the p[opulation as a whole of the hypergamy drive in women allowing relatively More of the “brightest men” to breed at a greater frequency. [ I make no value judgement as to the relative worth of individuals - as “people” here - just as “Resources” ]

The absolute best information I have as yet found comes in the form of This article ;

"Sorry, Girls! But The Smartest People In The World Are All Men - Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun Laws & Rights News Site

Hello everyone.

I started this thread and I have not
been on Babypips for about two years now,
however I received notifications today that
some comments were being posted on this
thread and I thought I should drop by.

Aside saying hello to old regulars such as
@Falstaff and @tommor I wanted to say
that, generally speaking, the purpose of the thread was twofold:

  1. to raise awareness of the fact that there are
    bad cases of s e x u a l harassment and
    s e x discrimination against women and it should
    be a case of taking this as motivation enough to
    bring about better work practices that allow
    people who are unfairly victimised to speak up;

  2. to highlight names of women in finance (traders,
    venture capitalists, investors, wealth advisers, etc.)
    to inform and inspire female and male readers here,
    and to show that it is not all bad news for women
    intending to enter corporate finance.

I have not updated the thread for some time,
therefore all I can say is thank you to all of
you who continue engaging with this topic.

Best wishes

I absolutely support progress towards equal treatment of women in trading but in other fields also.

I’m really proud that discriminating against women in the workplace here in terms of pay, promotion, training, recruitment etc. has been outlawed since 1975. (I’m not quite so proud that it took so long.)

My full support goes to equality of opportunity. I am absolutely opposed to quotaism.


While I don’t think the space will be at all harmed by more female traders and I’d love to see more women in the space, the rationale for championing it in this instance is misplaced in the TIME article as you rightly point out.

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One more thought: it is my personal view
that quotas, loved and disliked in equal measure,
are sometimes necessary as a last resort:
where there are capable applicants from a
protected category (in this case: women)
who do not even get invited to interview
because the company directors cannot see
past a name that does not meet their
expectations of ‘a good fit’, then this
sort of indirect discrimination will not
end if left to good will.

Other less blunt measures, such as blind CVs,
can also help to force the hand of companies
who only want men not based on inherent
merit of male applicants but on the fact that
they cannot maybe envisage working under/alongside
female employees. We all have these unconscious
biases, none of us is immune: the important thing
is to try and mitigate the more noxious effects of
such biases (often based on stereotyping) at company
level through the adotpion of virtuous practices.

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Blind CV’s are a fine initiative.

But although this should ensure that candidates are only appointed on their merit, this won’t satisfy the champions of various minorities. They will only point out that the sifting process is biased, and that the minority candidates have already been handicapped by their inability to obtain employment experience and promotion elsewhere. And they could be right.

Perhaps what might be effective would be putting the pressure on the managers in control of recruitment and interviewing. Making them accountable for poor appointment choices or for failure to retain staff should pretty quickly have a beneficial effect for everyone. That would also include the majority candidates and employees too.