Why we need more (good) female traders

Women account for only about 12 - 15% of trading roles, and only about 28% of investment roles

in financial institutions (e.g. banks) in the US:

I think that articles like these are telling, in light of what Linda Raschke was dismissing as a no-issue:

it may be the case that it is not an issue for those who already have a secure place behind a trading desk,

but such low percentages of women traders are not due only to a lack of willingness but also to a ‘right-fit’

scenario. If a company only recruits based on what they think would a be a ‘right-fit’ for their trading team,

then if the trading team is not particularly diverse it will likely only recruit people in the same ethnic, gender,

and even age category.

Linda also said that bubbles are nothing to do with male trading, but the fact that ON THE WHOLE it has

been shown again and again (and I quoted a few studies in this thread, but there are more) that women traders

are less risk averse and therefore incur in fewer losses, have steadier equity curves etc. is exactly to the point,

that companies with a more gender-diverse trading desk are not just paying lip-service to some secret leftist

gender agenda but actually increasing profits. The old concept that only high-risk alpha males can make profits

in Wall Street is unwilling to give way, EVEN IN THE FACE of data suggesting that actually that kind of high-risk

model often leads to bigger disasters further down the way. Of course, trading and investing is not so simplistic,

but even with automated risk management software and all kinds of new technologies, if at the core of a business

is the old high-risk, pit-trading attitude, then what would a more gender-diverse business model look like?

There are a lot of issues to unpack here, of course, including working hours and maternity leave for women in

trading jobs that may include anti-social hours, etc. We seem to have a sort of ‘holy’ view of financial markets

where only fit, non-child-bearing, never-sick men can lead to higher profits, and where only profits matter: but

actually, a healthier culture could lead to fewer high losses and heart attacks, less cocaine addiction and imbalance, more children without absent fathers and mothers, and so on.

The age of diversity in finance has begun, and it cannot be but a good thing for all concerned…

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Why would I agree that a place that I would not consider working, in a job I would not consider applying for, should be employing more women?

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Update on post no.138:

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Um, I’m not sure how this news is related to the fact she is a woman actually. I don’t see any connection here.

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Jamea,you are right, but I sometimes give updates on traders that I featured earlier on this thread,be them positive or negative…

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I think that’s not only very fair @PipMeHappy but also demonstrates that “they” can be just as “bent” as some men can. :laughing:


THanks, Falstaff.

Yes, indeed, and may I remind everyone that the thread title is ‘why we need more (good) female traders’, which means that we certainly do not want bad traders (of any gender)!

Great to see so many responses to a discussion, I did a Google search on the question " why we need more female" leaving the what blank and I got 16.5 billion results.

Top 10 Why we need more female blank
Computer Science

I had to go to the third page before Investors came up

Fact is as long as you are not a white male you have unlimited choices


Interesting, Dennis, thank you!

And yet when you speak to REAL Women you happen to know, not one of them has any such “Need”

I think, that coupled with Linda Bradford Raschke’s responses to the leading and biased questions put to her - these are probably the most revealing posts on this entire thread !

Good thinking @Dennis3450

Sorry to steam-roll past your comment, Falstaff…

I am keeping the thread updated :slight_smile:

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It’s ok mate - I’m getting used to it ! :slight_smile:


[Edit - for teh casual observer LBR’s comments can be found at post 694 ]

The experience in Norway has benefitted women further up the corporate ladder but not those lower down:


As always, please do your own balance reading of both sides to the quota argument, and be assured that

it is not a magic wand if used without a context of change.

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Just out of interest, How the **** do you get a Master of Science degree in “Jounalism” ?

“…Jessica has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from the University of Maryland in College Park and a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Roosevelt University…”

@Falstaff Roosevelt’s website now only seem to offer a BA in Journalism and Media Studies


Perhaps the MSc in Journalism was discontinued.

I have no idea.

Perhaps - but my question was not about whether the particular school did journalism, (although the fact that it only does it to BA level could be pointed out to the lady so she can choose another College for her CV) :wink: - but how the hell it could be considered a Science ? !

It’s good to see that you do actually seem to be reading my posts - if just ignoring them ! ( Post 713 folks)

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