Why we need more (good) female traders


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Yes you right men are more cautious in money management although it seems like women are. Women can be a good trader there is no doubt. Its a very interesting topic and something that researches should look upon.

Personally, I have always been uncomfortable with putting people in a ‘box’, so I would rather lean towards saying that differences between men and women are cultural, which allowes me to imagine that, given different upbringing and societal schemes, men and women would behave differently from what we may perceive to be the ‘norm’, especially if we live in a heavily gender-segregated/stereotyped context…

Women micro manage very well. Trading does involve a lot of micromanagement. Trading also requires multi tasking. My wife can listen to my conversation talk to my daughter feed my son and manage to keep an eye on the cooking. Amazing!

Receptionists can talk on the phone polish their nails and hand the pen to visitors to sign the visitor logs. That in perspective, if women liked trading a great deal they will make a lot of money. Oh! They already do…

Hello Emerald, nice to see you on this thread :slight_smile:

I was reading this article a few days ago, and it did stop me in my tracks: most of my students claim to be proud multi-taskers, but the truth of the matter is that they are losing the ability to focus on anything, including human relationships:

Multitasking Damages Your Brain And Career, New Studies Suggest - Forbes

I am not claiming that we have a cultural epidemic on our hands, nor does the article: however, we are allowing 24/7 connectivity to reshape our neuro-pathways in ways that we are quite late in the day trying to come to grips with… I am not advocating a Luddite revolt: I am claiming that we must stop thinking that ‘multi-tasking’ is so hot, and actually re-focus on deep learning and thinking, which requires less distraction and more single-mindedness. If I asked my students to focus on something for more than ten minutes, they will have smartphone withdrawal symptoms. The problem is that I have them too, which is why I understand my students’ predicament so well, and I want to set an example, to show that it is possible to be ‘bored’ in a creative way, that you do not have to be ‘doing’ all the time, but you must let yourself ‘be’, without the constant noise… It is the ability to go deep into yourself - a bit like looking above and around you - and see the bigger picture… a little bit like zooming out onto a weekly chart, to get rid of the constant ‘noise’…

I see this happening every year: we are destroying generations of young (and not-so-young) people, because their inability to be able to function without constant entertainment, without a constant ‘filler’ in their lives (e.g. YouTube videos or Facebook chat), is allowed to continue under the banner of ‘modernity’. This is a nonsense; what is the smarter thing to do: let humans rule machines (e.g. plastic bits called ‘smart’ 'phones) or the reverse? Should we not dictate when a bit of plastic is allowed to distract us with mindless notification alerts, while we are in deep thinking over an important task, rather than be completely at its mercy?

Sorry to come down so high and mighty… I will get off my high horse now and go to bed :slight_smile:

Anyway, food for thought…

Agreed. Some people can do multi tasking but some people don’t. Multi tasking or micromanagement skills can perform simultaneously or in parallel. The main object or goal for each task is to get it done especially that task that you know you can do it in a few seconds or a few minutes. Something that you will be able to get done right there and there. You can accomplished more in a day if you do. I have seen many people like to put off some simple task for some reason and just " wait". It’s fine and all but if you want to get more than in a day, learn how to do multi tasking… I have seen men can do it too :slight_smile:

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I agree with you too on the above. It is a different world now on how we live in and I don’t think it will change any time soon with all this social media and technologies right in our fingertips. However, I didn’t see any objective or what’s the goal was when your students say they do a so called " multi-tasking". If it is only use to not get " bored" or just to " entertain" themselves, it’s no use. The purpose of doing multi-tasking is to accomplish something or task (s) that you can do and finish right away and having an objective to add " value" and how you spend your time to complete on a hands on task (s).

I apply and do " multi tasking" all the time when I needed too especially on a busy days to get my stuff done and I do get a lot done and being productive in a day ( I have had some lazy days too by the way ;)). Use it to your advantage and utilize it to accomplished the goal or objective to make it worth while with your time spend…

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Agreed, PipNRoll…it is no use distracting oneself instead of studying… I have to ask students repeatedly to put their 'phones away in class…it is a ‘learning epidemic’, where learning is continuously mixed up with distractions: a ‘multi-tab’ learner is the ultimate nightmare for a teacher assigning IT-based tasks in a classroom…and their numbers are on the increase… We now have five year olds with fully connected tablets: this is not cool parenting, it is some misguided notion that the latest gadget will make our kids ‘smarter’…quite the opposite…And the ‘digital native’ idea? Balls! I was eighteen when the internet came out, and I can use all the technology that I, a pre-digital-era dinosaur, should be terrible at: why? If you educated someone to use tools as a means to an end, he/she will not be scared when the tools change…he/she will be in control of the tools, not the other way round… Give a five year old a tablet without guudance and they will not necessarily grow up smarter but rather, simply, addicted to that tool…and the big companies know this… Just like the friendly face of McDonald’s was getting children hooked up on a diet of sugar and fat from an early age in the 1980s, so now the child-colourful ‘smart’ devices are hooking up a generation from childhood to become internet junkies…

We must resist it!

True, but… .beware…
Make your employees happier: Limit multitasking | PCWorld

Sorry to go on about this… but, how much do you/we use our cellular 'phones?

Cell phone addiction

I am trying to cut down on it… as well as cutting down on using a computer… Offline life should be more exciting, not less.

On that note, I am switching off… House move still on the go!

Happy Sunday x

I’m always happy :slight_smile:

Share the load. Can’t do it on your own that’s why working as a " team" does really work. I guess it depends where you work but in my work we all work together and helping each other out… Teamwork is always works! Not just in sports but at work too :slight_smile:

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I am re reading your post.

I hear yah. So if you have been telling your students to put their smart phones down but they still not listening to you, can you take their phones away and give it back when the class is done? and or if you see them surfing on their phones while in class, can you deduct some points on their grades becuase they are not following what you ask them to do? Some rules that you might need to established in your class or in the school and if they didnt follow those rules or policy youve outline then there will be some consequences into their actions. I mean yeah sure you can ask and tell them but you need to take action too and let them know that you mean business and business comes into two ways. You teach and in return they should focus and listen/follow you so they can learn. You teach because thats what you are paid to do. They pay their tuition and go to school so they can learn. If they “flunk” out of school ( not to mention the amount of Student Loan Debt that will take it with them), you still get paid. You win and they lose. If they listen and learn, they too can win.

Discipline starts there or should starts when they were a toddler. High school and college students they dont know what they are in to once they start working in a corporate world. Technology are here to stay and it will continuesly improved and evolve. The problem is, its not the technology it is 'us" who uses it and knowing how to balance it out and when it is good to use it and when in time of days that we needed to turn it off… its called discipline…

its just my view…

I understand…

I am quitting my job this year because my college is run by managers who undermine staff by keeping students in classes against the teachers’ judgment and making them look weak. We battle daily against mobile 'phones, Facebook, lateness, disruptive behviour, and lack of effort, only for managers overturning our decisions and making us look weak.

I am quitting my job because my private teaching is where I am really in control of standards: where I work, it is the beureaucrats who cram more and more students into our classes and line their pockets with the resulting government funds, at the expense of quality of learning and teaching standards…

I agree!

Delegate, cooperate, communicate :slight_smile:

Oh wow… thats sucks. I agree. Why stay on the job that no one wants to help or have had a “dysfunction” leaderships/management. Whats the point of working hard and add value if the management doesnt listen or only thinking about themselves.

Anyway, I hope you have other offers outside of work or network to someone you know to help find a better teaching jobs or if you are successful on your private tutoring then continue on. However, I will insist to still find a regular job for now who provide benefits (health insurance/retirement, etc.). It is still good having a “guaranteed” regular salary every month while doing private tutoring and still in the mids of trading. If other schools knows how good you are in teaching and one of the number one, you wont have any problems finding a job. You will always have “employment security” in a job un security.

I have recently have 2 job offers from other department. I turn down the other one even if they offer me more money and commission. It is because I like the people I currently worked with, the flexible hours that they allow me to work anytime in a day. The other one I am still thinking about it. I will know by next year :slight_smile:
I told my boss about this job offers because I trust him. However, he is giving me a “hint” for a big promotions/pay so I wont leave the department lol… This is the key, you will always have job or offers when you are good at what you do and know how to work/help other people and not being self-centered. Always improved yourself and become valuable in any organizations that you choose. You will always find jobs. Same effort of what you do in trading… same input … same output…

Keep your head up high… you will find something that will work for you. Who knows maybe a better one of what you currently have :slight_smile:

I agree. I have FB but don’t even use it. Gave up on tweeting a year ago, YouTube yes! To get some education from time to time. So I am near unplugged.

My daughter is 12, she only knows YouTube, the rest are off limits. So like you I hate all this linking. My LinkedIn account is now private and not searchable. A sad future awaits… Carry on Pipme good agenda.

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That’s wonderful! Congratulations! I was meant to p.m. you back but I am telling you that now: WELL DONE!

Unfortunately jobs in teaching in my sector are few and far between, and you don’t get called: it is not that kind of business, where you get headhunted… Teachers are ten-a-penny …:wink:

I am very happy for you!!! It goes to show that if you are passionate about something, you will find a way forward… I agree about what you said, but I am building up my private tuition business in order to quit my job… I hope to get another job, but something better, but in the meantimr, private tuition will pay the bills (though no sick leave or holiday pay means that I will have to work smart and save for those dry periods). But I will not miss the politics of college teaching…

PS: colleges in thr UK are not like American universities; they are places where people (of any age) can go to study for a year, or more, either after compulsory education or at any point in their adult life. The voluntary nature of subscription to our courses, which are mostly free of charge, means that, in theory, we should only get the students who really choose and want to be there… The truth is that they often come to ‘fill’ a year after school before finding a job. . .

Thank you PipMeHappy.

Oh I see, I didnt know how Colleges work in UK and even here in US. I just assume that its the same as the “corporate businesses”. We have had politics too. I think “politics” is always there no matter where you go. It is a matter of how you deal with it and if somehow you cant really win, why stayed. Go to somewhere else or crate your own. If you do the right thing, you can’t never be wrong. Always do the right thing. Character and reputation goes hand in hand.

The other job that I am still thinking about is a different function of what I am doing now. So it is a good opportunity for me to learn something new. So, will see… in the meantime, head off to Cancun, in just a couple days :slight_smile: Need to get my “tan” back lol

Good-luck PipMe!. I am sure you will do well in private tutoring… you will always will :slight_smile: