Why we need more (good) female traders

What a joke , indeed! A bit of a disgrace!!

Lol… Well, she’s cute :wink:

Hi Mihk,

I think we’ll leave the beauty contests to the Morleys and the Trumps. :slight_smile:

While FXCM does co-host a trading contest, it’s based solely on trading skill.

Thank you, Jason, for reassuring us!!

Ha! Found it :slight_smile: females with good looks and brains :wink:

Pageant Titleholders In Finance - Business Insider

Don’t lose your hope guys… Not all women wants your money because they can get it on their own :slight_smile:

Interesting, PipNRoll…

I looked up one of them on a separate search to find their business history, but it seems that

it counts for very little, at least for this one:

Katherine McClure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What really rattles me is the name TRUMP…

I live in the area of Scotland where he built his new golf course, and if anyone has watched

the film ‘Local Hero’ (1983), or even better, the ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ (2011) documentary,

the mere mention of the name would make your skin CRAWL.

The fact that he commodifies women is just another reason to find him repulsive.

I am done… Fetch me the bucket puke


Hello traders!

I found out about this incredible woman,

Stephanie Ruhle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and she is not only the Managing Editor and news anchor for Bloomberg Television but also

an incredibly successful woman in finance, having worked as a credit salesperson for hedge funds

for fourteen years between Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank… Quite a pedigree, you will agree!


and good night (if you are in Europe).


this has been appearing on BabyPips recently:

Do you find it funny or sexist?

Hello traders!

This time I bring your attention to Rani Nazim,

a Pakistani trader and Executive Director at Morgan Stanley,

who has a great few things to say about being a career woman

and about Morgan Stanley’s programmes to encourage more

women into promoted posts and into the business; the interview

is from October 2013:

Q&A With Rani Nazim, a Female Executive Director at Morgan Stanley|Vault Blogs|Vault.com



Her story is typical of most traders. As income investor she started in the right place, which is stocks, rather than FX but it is always great to remind the community that markets are bigger than FX, there are E-minis which are earning a lot of people some good cash, index futures as we know are a lot easier to trade than FX. Bonds and commodities are also becoming popular especially with the newly packaged ETF’s

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Indeed! Capitalise and trade stocks etc. instead of being stuck to the utterly capricious world of FX as the only source of speculative trading… Better ‘buy and hold’ potential, historically higher returns and volatility (ok, maybe not of late), and better directionality… The leveraged appeal of FX trading for us, small-fish retail speculators, is also our greatest killer…

Best capitalising sufficiently closer to 1:1 leverage, if possible, to avoid greed and over-risky positioning…

I agree. FX is still that low volatility heavily leveraged zero sum market, that attracts. It is not bad, it is just more complicated as for one most pairs are placed against the USD and the crosses are not always as liquid or have ludicrous spreads unless you have move to ECN.

Descent income comes from having £5,000 to £20,000 in a brokerage account, I like to think of it as growth capital, once you hit 50k you can start thinking of I have arrived. If you know how to trade you can make 200-300 pips a month on holding trades in trends, I can pull any chart and bet you every month it moves 200-300 pips some pairs like JPY move more. So you are potentially looking at £1500 per month accounting for losses.

So first off you need to have a good risk/reward mentality, you can’t over trade at all, no matter what and you have to start thinking of adding to positions when you are moving on the trade. Scalping can work but you pay more in commissions and you have more losses so it will average to be the same, so you are better off holding a trade and reduce your loss factor.

The fact is FX is so non-volatile that if you have 100k in the bank, you have to be a complete numpty not to double your account in a year.

Equities especially the indexes are more predictable and in good economic times most stocks will rise in value and if you don’t short stock then for the most part how could you loose? If you had bought the S&P 500 you will still be doing quite well despite dips. These instruments offer greater returns and with £5,000 in the bank you can easily start trading stocks, just buy fewer, the returns will be relative. Any stock over $20 tends to have great growth potential if the companies numbers are right, reason being is that these stocks will be heavily invested into by pension funds and that is also great for a stock.

Anyway, the market is about understanding all instruments rather than just the easiest to compute.

This was a wonderful post, Emerald! I think that other people would like to comment…

This too has been appearing on BabyPips… The message seems to be that a man making money

has women at his lap:

Again, what exactly is the message here, and to whom is it aimed?

Haha! I think it’s a " group study" session…I’m pretty sure. In what subject? No clue lol

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Haha I am not sure I could concentrate with two people all over me :S

It’s says " Life is different with Money" but I don’t see or get what is the difference of what they are showing in the picture. Oh well, probably just too tired to think Lol

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I agree…I am going to bed :slight_smile: Goodnight…