Why you must not read news?

In Forex trading, after placing an order, never read news, because analysts writing the news are not traders.
So it is complete waste of time reading all news if you are a trader.
So don’t believe others or don’t trade with others opinions.

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Hm. :thinking: I think the writers of the news articles don’t necessarily have to be traders. :open_mouth: I think, it’s the news’ topic or event is the one that most traders use? :open_mouth: I don’t really trade the news but I also watch out for big events and avoid opening any positions if there are any. :thinking: Interesting though! :open_mouth: What made you think so?

Hi, in my profile page, you can see my youtube channel and you can get answers for most of your queries. In the past 10 years, i noticed its very confusing if you follow news and charts, because sometimes based on news market moves and sometimes it wont…its unpredictable. So, if you are day trader its waste to trade news. Its my opinion…

I respect your opinion! :smiley: With a lot happening at the same time, trading the news can really get confusing. :sweat_smile: Haha. :smiley: