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Hi All,

I’m starting this thread to share some of my trades. These will not be organized, as I don’t want to drop everything, but pick some of experiments, solid ones and painful losses. Feel free to jump in, comment, discuss etc. If anyone would get something from this topic - double the satisfaction.

Have fun!


Turbo Averaging Down - Unexpected experiment

Today I’ve scalped a little bit on M1 and once my trade went sideways, I said to myself “OK let’s average our way outta here”. It was 14:46 CET which is the time where hyper volatility comes into play (14-16 CET), so I was ready for very fast moves in both sides.

Every time, I saw slight hesitation in market movement on M1 chart - I’ve opened trade in opposite direction. On high volatility M1 you can see these hiccups on the candle, when it goes up up and stops for a second. At the same time, if any of already open trades was slightly green (0.3 - 2 pips) I’ve closed it manually. It was a lot of clicking throughout 14:46 CET until 16:10 CET. Somewhere at the end I’ve just set up automatic take profit at 0.8 pip just to not think about closing trades and drowning in brokers notifications :slight_smile: It was not easy to look at marginal gain realized and lump of trades going in loss on unrealized side. But with time, the realized gain was closing in on the unrealized loss.

Basically short trades around lowest low during the trading and long trades around highest high during trading were always in loss. Massive amount of small gains taken between these two extremes at some point was large enough to close all trades with slight profit. At 16:10 I was already in profit having more realized gains than unrealized losses. I’ve hit close all trades and was happy to get my 14 pips :smiley:


Was it worth it? No :smiley: 1.5 hour of clicking to get 14 pips?
Is this a good way to trade? Definitely not. It exposes a lot of account (margin) and requires ranging market (or at least bumpy) to work. If price would escape in one direction, I would need to use a LOT of margin waiting for next range conditions to “buy out”.
Is it fun? Sure it is. There is some flavor of arcade games in clicking to open trades at one monitor and closing on other looking for “green” lines in the jungle of unrealized small trades.

Next time I want to try with opening trades in the same direction as price moves and maybe other changes :slight_smile:

*trade area below


I remember some Saturdays dumping $20 worth of quarters into a pinball machine, or arcade game as a kid. This is no different as an adult. Sometimes you just need to spice things up and have some fun, even if you lose a little.

Thanks for sharing.

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I would have to admit I was kinda hoping that this thread was about your trades for the crypto SAND. :sweat_smile: But love your storytelling and always excited to see updates from you Wil! :blush:

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Triangle Bonanza

Is it just me, or recently there are triangles everywhere :slight_smile:


Managed to get in from pending order left over the weekend and take some pips in green rectangle. On M15 there was this beautiful retest later which I’ve missed :frowning:


Another trade from pending order left over the weekend. I’ve get out with profit, but it’s not a good trade. Instead of simply keeping the breakeven and wait, I’ve started to mess around with adding to position and moving stop losses :slight_smile: I’ve added to position and moved both stop losses so the sum was still positive. Capital and small part of gain was protected, but protection was much closer to the price. So it took me out on first correction. Lesson learned?


Pattern is emerging and waiting. I’ve got pending order for triangle breakout and long pending order above the highest peak in case of some unexpected bull rally.


Pattern emerging and waiting. Pending order set for triangle breakout.


Older one, but beautiful. Missed this one :confused:

EDIT: USDCHF H1 decided to go full triangle:

Do you like triangles?
  • I love them! They give me money.
  • I don’t use them, but I know the theory.
  • Don’t know how to use them.
  • Does anyone still believe in classic technical analysis?

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EURUSD Triangle broke out. Enjoying free trade after moving to BE. This time I will let it live and not mess with moving stop loss to profit too early :slight_smile:

Riding more triangles…
NZDUSD H1 breakout.

USDCAD H1 waiting for breakout