Will create your Expert Advisor!

Hi Guys,

I am a Computer Science student heading towards my masters, and very interested in Forex.

Basically, I offer to create a free Expert Advisor for whoever needs one. I just finished my own first Expert Advisor, it gave me a return of 100% over 2007-2008, but performs less good @ the years before 2007, some not even profitable. Therefor Im looking for more inspiration!

I am doing this for extra experience in both mq4 and forex trading systems themselves.

Oh and by the way, I am already working on the inside bar expert so do not come up with that one :D.

Send me a private message with your plan, and you can expect, if the EA is not too complicated, within one week.


For some reason I cannot send you an email.
Can you pls write to me on <[email protected]>