Will Gold Market Last?

The currency market will not last. However, paper is a losing investment. It actually has no real use, and no real (intrinsic), value.

You have just won $10,000.00 dollars. You cannot touch it for 6 years.
Do you want to take it in Cash or Gold?

I don’t understand, pardon me… what’s the difference between gold and cash? What do you mean by gold and cash is the currency, right? So gold is ???

cash is devalued as inflation rises, which is as predictable a process as aging. whereas gold is a comodity which can be bought and sold for value that encompasses inflation, and is tempered only by the market economy. gold is considered a relatively safe investment, since you can always guarantee that it will carry value (as much as you can guarantee that in anything). gold is what people traded in before paper “cash” was printed. it has intrinsic value.

hmmm, it took me many weeks to wait for that answer, thanks, germaine (where have you been??? :slight_smile: ) gold is very popular when you talk about e-gold, whatsoever and it has a conversion factor for all the currencies that is why I have been wondering about it but now it is clearer to me, thanks again :slight_smile: