Will the coming Bitcoin halving have an effect on price?

What, the halving? It’s supposed to happen around May.

Did you buy some in preparation? :sweat_smile:

Bitcoin is sh…coin…:joy:
when i have money i do not need i invest some bucks and hope one so called “wale” is coming in and pushes price in my direction, but all in all thats the least serious thing i ever saw…

Just remember the predictions against the end of last year: rally to 100000 before 2020 and so on…no coment

I feel like I missed the moment to do so because it is already so high.

Not if some people think it’ll go up to 180k :joy:

I don’t think taht bitcoin would cost more than 10k again

I am a bit sceptical, to put it mildly, that will rally that high anytime soon. :smiley:

Oh for sure it’ll be over 10k - but maybe only around up to 11-13k. Can’t imagine it being any more. So yes same with @mlawson71 :sweat_smile:

Now, I can see it reaching those levels at some point, definitely.

I feel like we just cursed it hahahah @mlawson71

Yeah, we may as well have cursed the whole market. :frowning: