Will the coming Bitcoin halving have an effect on price?

Will the coming Bitcoin halving have an effect on price?

Wow, just as soon as I read the headline, my brain said lie.
I can barely spell bitcoin.
Anytime I’ve participated in a stock split, it always makes the owners happy. I know very little about bitcoin, perhaps I should use my words cautiously. This is my fundamental opinion, anytime human emotion is involved, there will be a price for someone to pay.

I don’t know what market this is attached to, this could be a ticker tape parade for some, but likely not for all.

Hope you have such a positive day with this ‘event’. Keep us posted.

Unaffected? I wouldn’t buy that idea for a minute.

Greetings Reno

Here is a good look at what type of effect the halving has had in the past and may have this time around. Good info.

We’ll see. Sadly the PlusToken scam is already having an effect on Bitcoin’s price, pushing it down, as the scammers are cashing out 2 billion USD in Bitcoin on the market and that may not end soon.

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Perhaps no, but I’m looking for some artificial pump, building long BTC position with Hotforex because:

  1. Crypto exchanges are big and serious business and they will do their best to keep traders’ focus on the crypto market. With their “central bank-like” actions crypto market would die quickly.

  2. New Year is often characterised by market turn in many cases so make sure you consider this anomaly too.

Are you changing your positions/trades at all in anticipation of an event happening in the short-term future?

Stopped doing this for a while because identifying “event risks” we are talking about becomes harder and harder. They become less pronounced and subtle. Old good “legal status” -related catalysts are left irrevocably in the past :frowning:

Imo, crypto media basically kicks the can with their attempts to create buzz around bitcoin price halving and similar catalysts.

Totally true. Bitcoin is not solid to the core. The investors know they can shift it to their advantages with these outrageous propaganda. They say anything to get by.

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The pump is in full effect.

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yes but willit be short lived?

yep true lets see what happens

When can we expect the halving to happen?

I think I read somewhere that based on the current hash rate, in the next 3 months or so…

Thanks,I’ll be on the lookout for that.

That’s going to go by quick! Hope something good does happen to price action :sweat_smile:

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Do you think it will rally much until the halving?

I’m not sure. I don’t know if crypto markets behave like others where “priced in” is something that happens haha. I’ll link some of the stuff I’ve read on this subject here!

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Thank you for that!

Is it even happening?

That’s right! But lets see eventually what happens.