Will this post make me a criminal?

It is now illegal according to the remoaner MPs to leave the EU with a Clean Break Brexit.

So advocating doing so would be inciting a breach of the Law !

This in essence makes the largest Political Party in the whole of the EU Parliament - ILLEGAL under uk “Law” - since they stood on a promise to leave with a Clean Break.

My opinion has not changed because the manipulators have written such a law and we know that 54% of the UK population in now “Leave” whilst only 26% is “Remain” - a clear margin of over 100%. whilst of those who voted Remain in 2016 - 35% would now vote Leave - In spite of the most horrific application of “Project Fear” by those with secret Agendas - we stand firm and our numbers increase markedly and daily.

Writing such a “LAW” is clearly an abuse of power - yet having said that, I believe I am now in the same category as someone advocating murder.

I am quite prepared to "Do Time" for my belief and I challenge the “Authorities” to come and arrest me - drag me before a Jury and attempt to imprison me for doing so !

(Not exactly the same thing but this is where that thought came from - the absolute hysterical stupidity of the antics of the Remoaner cabal ! )

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What a load of garbage - :roll_eyes:

We don’t need an “average of rubbish” from the last 4 years - especially when it has no demonstrable credibility !

The more so when it is fed in by ’mister Germany’ who is clearly desperate to keep the uk in the “European Project” at any cost.

for obvious reasons of desperation ! ;

Note the Freudian slip where “Big George” says - The collapse of the “European Union” will mirror the collapse of the “Soviet Union” :wink:

Disintegration of the EU !

Are we to assume that the UK cannot even work out what people actually feel about leaving the EU let alone do anything about it?

I am now beginning to finally understand the deep philosophical meaning enshrined in that great traditional British Nursery Rhyme:

"You put your whole self in,
Your whole self out:
In, out, in, out, shake it all about.
You do the hokey cokey,
And you turn around.
That’s what it’s all about!

Oh, the hokey cokey, cokey.
Oh, the hokey cokey, cokey.
Oh, the hokey cokey, cokey.
Knees bent, arms stretched rah, rah, rah."

But I must admit, it seems to me that, at this stage, what the statistical majority of the population actually currently think is totally irrelevant - even what the majority of parliament currently think is also apparently irrelevant! (mind you, it is hard to follow where the majority actually is what with so many MPS voluntarily and involuntarily jumping from party to party…)

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Love it, Manxx

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I have to say, I dispute the impartiality of the “voter sample” of the pollsters quoted ;

It would appear that my own sample may not at this time be much more credible, so we shall await more representative data.

However the point of this thread is that I now appear to be a criminal

Simply for inciting a breach of the Law as it now stands - by suggesting that a Clean Break Brexit is a viable and I suggest, the most sensible course of action.

Last week, I was simply advocating obeyance of the referendum instruction.

Now I am a Criminal !

This simply brings the “Rule of Law” into disrepute ! owing to Politically driven actions taken by ideologically driven MPs.

I am somewhat lost as to what law you are referring to here. Do you mean the latest one passed by parliament and the Queen on the eve of the prorogation period?

If so, then I really don’t understand what you mean here. Surely, this law was passed by both houses of the UK Parliament and the Queen fully in accordance with the legal processes? How can that be an “abuse of power”?

And, in addition, I was under the impression (perhaps wrongly, please correct me if so) that this law did not make a clean break “illegal” at all. It just made it necessary that a no-deal exit would have to be approved by Parliament and not just by the government? Which, I think, has always been the parliamentary view of this even under Theresa May?

This law did not forbid a no-deal exit, nor indeed any other kind of exit, per se. It simply requires parliamentary consent to whatever and whenever it might occur and on what basis. Surely you do not object to parliament’s core function in this as in all other matters of law?

If any government attempts to bypass the parliamentary process in order to implement its own agenda then that is a very bad precedent for the future and turns parliament into the puppet theatre seen elsewhere in the world.

That might suit some of the people some of the time - depending on whether they support the issues being forced through, but there will be other times when it is in the opposite direction and against one’s own personal views - is that what you want for your country?

So do not be concerned, I am sure you will not be put away just because of your thoughts. Afterall, freedom of thought and freedom of speech are protected by the very parliament that some seem determined to denigrate and disarm.

One is free to criticise the government and parliament and the law itself. But to deliberately disobey laws passed by parliament or to materially circumvent the spirit and intention of those laws in order to achieve one’s personal ambitions is rather more dangerous territory! :wink:

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