Win ratio

what percentage of wins do you get?

the only reason i ask is because my win ratio is ridiculously high at 98% spread over 6 months at 1 trade per day .

first 2 months were demo testing live for the last 4 months, i really hope it continues

i understand that if you go for a few hundred pips in one trade you don’t have to have a high win ratio if you keep your losses small

just wondering what people aim for and how successful they are!!

How and what do you trade?
I think most people hope for something in the region of 70:30 or 80:20 win:loss.

I trade GBP/USD only reason I have the most experience with this pair and I don�t like looking at 2 many pairs rather just concentrate on 1

i just go for a target of 10 pips per day

That�s pretty much it

What risk to reward do you employ?

Winning 90% of trades is no good if the 10% losers are so big that they eat up the profits from the 90%

Profit factor = (win trades % x reward) / (loss trades% x risk)

60% x 50 pips = 0.6 x 50 = 30
40% x 100 pips = 0.4 x 100 = 40

Profit factor = 30/40 = 0.75

This example shows that every 1$ would return only 75 cents.

If the profit factor is 1 or more, then your trading method is profitable.

This kind of money and risk management is paramount. Good luck.

o990l6mh is right. A win percentage alone is a meaningless number.

If your system risks 100 pips to gain 10 you could have a 90% win rate and still be losing money.

We need more info about your system. I can’t see how you could have such a high win rate if your system has a good risk/reward ratio.

well my trading strategy is a little unorthodox but put this way “it’s profitable” it’s not for everybody but hey!!

even if i blew my account which ive never done using my strat, id still be in profit

ok this is were most investors would run a mile

i risk �300= i bet �10 per point which is equivalent to 30 pip stop loss

my strategy is based on breakouts

i place a 5 pip trailing stop and i let it run

the average win trade for the last 6 months 14.2 pips per trade TOTAL WIN 111 DAYS

average loss 30 pips total TOTAL LOSS = 2 DAYS

Maybe someone else can answer here but I often wonder if the whole R:R thing is valid for breakout trading. Trading a breakout, the trade will almost always go your way for a bit and if you win more than you lose then it pays for itself. I’m not sure I’d trail by 5 pips though…seems much to tight for me. hmm

5 pips is tight “agreed” but due to my personality i like trades to be over with quickly, personal choice that all.

i have another account that that has a longer term strategy running but for short term quick returns i prefer this one especially it don’t take much time once i have set pending orders that it all done for the day pretty much.

I don’t see any reason to run from that! I think it’s a completely valid strategy and appears to be working out well for you. I just hope the 300 you’re risking is a small enough amount of your account that you can survive a losing streak when (not if) it comes.

The real question is if you’re going to share the system with us? :slight_smile:

it NOT a new stratergy
but here it goes

Any Time frame

draw to lines one at 19:00 London time and 1 at 05:00 London time

you now have your overnight time frame

draw 2 lines one at the highest price between the 2 overnight times and one at the lows

now count 6 pips above the highest price and set a pending order to buy there

now count 6 pips below the lows and set a sell order at that price

really what you want to do with your SL TP TS is up to you i risk no more than 30 pips only had 2 hits in 6 months at that figure more importantly you choice what TP TS you want, i go for small pips some might want to go for it

its important that these pending orders are set 5am London time otherwise you will miss out most probably and once the first trade has taken place i cancel the other, it makes my day short and sweat.

screen shot for today attached i use a ea that automaticly colors in the trading day leaving the overnight zone blank for me to draw the lines

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almost forgot i only play on GBP/USD could work on other pairs but i likes simples

Interesting, Short trades are much less on the trading nerves.
You say London time, is this GMT or Summer time?
Other words is Alpari UK using GMT or Summer time?

Thanks for the share.

I’ve seen that strategy before. I think I read it on Forex Factory…

I backtested it a couple months ago with great results. Not 98% because I was using different SL and TP rules, but it’s profitable no matter which way you do it.

A word of warning though… It tested out great during 2008 and 2009 but during slower moving years the win rate dropped significantly.

So rake in the money with it while you can, just be looking for losing streaks that might signal that it’s run it’s course. :slight_smile:

i work in summer time

so when the overnight zone finishes for me its 5am summer time or GMT+1

alpari are one hour ahead of me

hope that helps

thats what i have heard i think if i had more than 3 or 4 losses in a row i certainly would look again at the strategy forex as we know is always changing it getting the timing right i there say like all strategies this has a shelf life to.

its great at the moment because we have so much movement

i also changed the time frame from the strategy on forex factory, i find i have more success taking the whole night as a zone as volume drops to almost nothing

I’ve been looking over my charts and doing some math and I really like this strategy! I do have one question though… Are you accounting for the spread in your 14.2 figure?

If so, and if someone traded this system with 2% risk he’s have had at least a 258% return in the last six months. That’s phenomenal!!

I’m going to do some further backtesting, and I’m going to start demo testing this tonight. :slight_smile:


I have FXDD as a demo in Florida. I do not understand how to apply time zones to GBP/USD in my Eastern time. I would like to demo this one to.
Can you explain?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sure thing. For those on GMT the time zones should be 20:00 to 06:00 (8pm to 6am). For Eastern time it would be 16:00 to 02:00 (4pm to 2am).

Thanks Phil, I will try it