Windsor Brokers LTD

Well guys I opened a small $300 account with these guys. If they suck its all Clint’s fault lol!!!

Just kidding Clint. I did however get there info from his posting on going offshore to escape hell I mean The CFTC

To anyone interested I will keep you posted on my experience with these guys.

I would like to say so far…

Opening the account was absolutly painless. They require the same basic paperwork that all brokers do but they are very fast about verifying it. I think it took them about 10 minutes.

Funding was painless and they have very courteous customer service.

I will let you guys know more about spreads,slippage and that sort of thing as soon as I am able to.

If anyone has experience with them please feel free to pipe in. I read great things about them on FPA and that is why I went with them . I almost went with Tadawal but I couldn’t find much on them. Also if you guys want to use Windsor I recommend doing a google search for rebates. I was able to find one that will pay me .3 pips per trade. Its better than nothing right?

Always good to hear about real experiences, thanks.

Be interested to hear how you get on taking some money out.

Hey, Johnny

I know you’re kidding.

And I know that you don’t need the following explanation — but, some of our members might.

On the thread titled “Going Offshore to Escape the CFTC”, we had one objective: to identify offshore brokers who will open new accounts for U.S. residents. Beyond getting a “yes” or “no” answer to that question (and arranging those brokers answering “yes” according to geographical areas), we did not sift or sort the list. And we did not rate, evaluate, or recommend any broker.

Some of the brokers on our “yes” list might be among the best in the world — and I hope that your experience with Windsor Brokers puts them in that category. On the other hand, there may be (and, most likely, there are) some real sleaze-bags on our “yes” list.

[B]Separating the best from the rest is part of exercising due diligence.[/B]

I don’t think enough is said on this forum about the necessity for each trader to exercise his/her own due diligence. If you fail to do this, you might as well pick a broker by throwing a dart at a list of brokers. And (sorry, if this sounds harsh), if you do that, you deserve whatever happens to you.

[B]I guess it’s time to start a thread on the topic of how to go about exercising due diligence.[/B]

Due diligence involves investigating everything that’s important to you. No one person could tell everyone else what things to look for. The most that one person could contribute, on such a thread, is to explain what he/she personally thinks is important. But, all of us together, adding our thoughts to the discussion, could offer newbies some useful guidance.

If someone feels enthusiatic about starting such a thread, I, for one, will be glad to join in.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for an offshore broker, you might start with the list we have compiled. But, by all means, view every broker on our list with suspicion — until you have determined for yourself that they deserve your business and your trust.

Thanks for the great response Clint, Of course I am kidding!!!

You touch upon some very critical points that were defiantly worth mentioning. Personally I do do due diligence rofl!!!

I chose Windsor with apprehension. Anytime you are putting your money in someone else’s care for any reason there should be a healthy amount of apprehension.

Having said that I chose them based on a few factors one of course being the less stringent regulations.
[/li][li]500:1 leverage
[/li][li]Small deposit requirements
[/li][li]reasonable spreads
[/li][li]online rebate per trade
[/li][li]regulated by CySEC,CIFSA,FSA
[/li][li]positive reviews
[/li][li]established track record
[/li][li]non-dealing desk

amongst other things they also offer me the ability to trade CFD’s and spot metals

I looked at quite a few brokers and some of the reasons they didn’t make the cut was
[/li][li]no real history
[/li][li]no feedback from other traders
[/li][li]non competitve spreads
[/li][li]dealing desk
[/li][li]overall instincts
[/li][li]high deposit amount

So here are the negatives so far:
[li]1 lot minimum
[/li][li]slow execution
[/li][li]slow price feed

These are thing I will consider if I am going to keep using this broker. This is why I only put a small amount in to fund the account. I can honesty asses the broker’s overall performance. I don’t know if the server latancy is because I am physically so far away but I find it to be very annoying and I will likely close this account because of it.

Hello johnnykanoo

are you still using windsor ltd broker , and did you ever withdraw your money , please let me know because iam trying to open a mini account with them because they have good things that many brokers dont offer like:
1-leverage 400:1.
2-stop out margin 10%
3-fair spreads.
4-trade mini on crude oil.
5-regulated and registered.

please if you know any other brokers that offers same thing please let me know:51: