Wiseling.com .. ( Now a scammed site which rubbed me off 3.660$ last month I almost died)

Good morning am Paul by name am from Africa Nigeria am 25yrs going 26yrs, I choose to learn forex trading now because a school teacher of mine told me of it in 2018 I was ignorant of it now he’s living the life because he has mastered it.

Now I’ve just been scammed of 3,660$ which is above 2.2million in my currency when sold for exchange, I’m really bleeding now from a site named wiseling if only I had known how to trade myself this wouldn’t had happened.

Hi, they told you, you will be a millionaire in a year?

Not at all. It’s a 1.1% to 1.30% daily returns for fiat assets… But the truth is they were music bands who claim to be business men. We later found out but it was too late

It’s still 22-26% per month … once again receives confirmation of his decision that it is not worth creating valuable content and teaching a responsible approach to trading because it is a waste of time, thank you :slight_smile:

I need to check the stats. I can’t by mere words.

Sometimes, it gets difficult to decide whether something is a scam or not. You better don’t overlook the red flags that you come across.

Day by day cases of scams are increasing. Please do a good research before you put your trust in any broker. You should look for genuine reviews and go only for regulated brokers. Your funds will be safe with them.