Wishing the bp school had videos

Just in elementary now and I kinda feel like I’m going too slow. I have to multitask a lot and I kinda wish the school had videos / audios I could listen to while carrying along with my days.


That actually sounds helpful although how were you imagining it? Like an actual person speaking and on camera? Or more like going through the lessons with just a voiceover? I feel like a voiceover could be so boring! :zzz:

thats actually a very cool suggestion. BP can use the same text and add infographics in a video. that would be pretty awesome.

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i agree. infographic video would be so helpful. plus i think a person can absorb more through videos than text.

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A person talking on screen is boring and outdated!

Yeah I also wish the school offered videos or audios.

I’m ok with a voiceover.

And for some reason the way I’m imagining a person teaching on screen is a bit creepy. I feel like if there’s an actual person he or she would have to be a perfect fit for the person not to spoil learning hehe.

I agree, Babypips would beat out every other FX educational platform for sure!, even though it’s the BEST now LOL

Makes sense! And then if you don’t like the person then nope, it’s not going to work anymore.

I do feel like they can take advantage of YouTube as everyone seems to be on that platform trying to learn everything!