Withdraw cash

How can i withdraw my cash from IronFX broker. Now i have 1700 usd. The thing is if i would increase it untill 100.000 usd for next 10 years is it possible to withdraw my cash? If no i do not waste my time to trade FX

As long as your broker is [B]credible[/B] you shouldn’t have any problem withdrawing cash.

check their customer service (pic says it all but i had to type a few characters for this to be posted)


DIGVARANZ- When you made your initial deposit with this broker, did they offer you any type of promotional deposit bonus?

did he get his money? hmm 10 years trading not such a bad idea! :smiley:

A credible broker places no restrictions on how you handle your cash; with that in mind I think you should have addressed this concern before opening an account and trading with your particular broker.

Let me put it this way, even if you have only 10 USD, you should be able to withdraw the cash in your account. Some brokers do set caps on how much a person can withdraw, thankfully that ain’t the case with my brokers from tradersway tp fxcm - that said, brokers cannot tell traders how much to withdraw or prevent them from withdrawing anything, unless of course the funds in your account is a “bonus” which you may not be eligible to withdraw…read the small print regarding bonus…

I did withdraw in Dec 2014 from ironfx then deposit back in Jan 2015. And opened 3000$ new account at Avatrade in Mar 2015. I would withdraw later if my fund reach at 10,000 $.

I guess there shouldn’t be any problem in withdrawing cash from a broker’s account if its your real cash. However having any kind of bonuses can restrict the limit of withdrawing cash from your trading account.

Some traders reported problems withdrawing money from IronFx so be aware that they already got their reputation spotted. It’s unlikely you’ll turn 1700 into $ 100 000 next ten years (I mean it 'll take far less time or you’ll blow up your account) try to focus on short-term or middle-term profit targets.

I have not got to the point to withdraw but i have a demo account with them and asked them a lot of questions, they say they dont have any issues with withdraws you just need to withdraw the amount you have deposited with the same method and the rest through bank, however i cant see any problem to withdraw your funds as you have every right to do so. Go to their live chat and ask them they will help you. Let us know for any updates.

I also think that the best is checking directly with the customer service. Some brokers do require a maximum amount for withdrawing and to use the same method when funding the account. It all depends on the terms and conditions of each broker.

I also trade with ironfx and I got scared with many negative comments I heard about withdrawing funds. As such I did a test withdrawal. I didn’t have much in my account but I requested to withdraw half of it. Approximately a week later the money was in my bank account. When I read a little further about people saying they can’t withdraw most of them were referring to bonuses so I am assuming they must have done something wrong. Speak with them and even do what I did. Test the withdrawal system they have. Good luck with the 100k. Let us know how it goes.

Exactly after all you can read all about a broker but if you dont have a direct contact with them you will never know

With bonuses in the account and with running trades on that account withdraw limit of some kind is applied to almost all brokers. You should invest in a separate account and try to withdraw any money from that to test that broker’s stability.

My sincere suggesstion is that withdraw the cash whenever there is need and the remaining money can always be compounded. If you feel its risky to pool in too much of money, then you can always diversify the money and trade in two different accounts. But do not wait for 10 years thats way too long.

I always have a rule never to get it over $500. I’d withdraw the cash once I reach near that limit.

Right, in fact my plan is that to keep a fix percentage of profit in my account so that my account capital keep on rising every month until I have a favorable capital in my trading account.

I’m sure you have login info to their website. After logging in, you can see in the left section “Withdrawal Funds”.

You have several options to choose like thru debit/credit cards, bank transfer, neteller, etc.

Be sure to comply the requirements needed as part of their verification process. This is to protect you too from any fraud.

Also, you can have a live chat with their customer service if you want to.

You can choose any system that is more easier for you and then stick to that. This is because it will help you in getting your withdrawals with ease and you will never face any problems in this regards.

This is why we have to make use of one payment system :slight_smile: