Withdrawal is impossible, Beware of M Collect24

Beware of this company they are scam. i was made to pay maintenance fees in order to make withdrawal despite paying i still didn’t get my money back. i guess I’m an Idiot for getting my ass into this shitty company

Unfortunately this is all too common. It really pays to do alot of research before getting into anything - especially if it seems too good to be true which often it is.
Sounds like you money is gone… Hope the lesson wasn’t too expensive…

A simple check on the UK FCA website shows this company is not registered with the FCA.

Google Maps shows the company operates from what appears to be a residential address in a poor neighbourhood of East London.

The company website shows two mistakes in their contact address. One form of the address shown on the website is not used and would be not recognised in the UK

Both the company’s main and contact phone numbers are associated with several scam warnings on Google and with other crypto / bitcoin mining enterprises in other parts of London. Both phone numbers are shown on the website in a format not used or often recognised in the UK by UK callers.