Withdrawal issue

normally how many days it takes for withdrawal to be processed by FXCM?
last friday i submit a withdraw request, but up until now after 5 days my withdraw still pending which are my money still on my fxcm trading account.
i tried to contact FXCM representative through chat regarding my withdraw request, but i end up waiting for 30 minutes without getting any reply from them…

I cant anwser this as such but i would post this up and the SNB & Swiss franc shocker! Share your story here. as its more likely that someone will see it. There is also jason from fxcm you could send a direct message to to ask.

Sorry if you had any problems getting in contact with customer support via live chat. Withdrawals are indeed being processed as before. In regards to this specific withdrawal request, if you email <admin@fxcm.com> with your account details, our Operations department will be happy to update you on its status.

case close…
already received my money today after waiting for 10 days…

Thanks for the update, Azlann. I’m glad to hear you received your funds.

It is important to stress that FXCM is in compliance with all regulatory capital requirements in the jurisdictions in which we operate. That means trading, deposits and withdrawals continue as before. In regards to your recent withdrawal taking a longer than normal, please note that January 19th was Martin Luther King Day here in the US. That means banks were closed, and we also had less Operations staff in the office due to the holiday. Turnaround times for future withdrawals will be as normal.

[QUOTE=Jason Rogers;679801 hi jason rogers i have a question iv made a withdraw 8 days ago and then iv received an error i tried to contact them several time but i didn’t get any reply the money dosent exist on my account forex or my bank account so iv made a decision to withdraw all my money and close my account

And the question is?


What should i do should i wait for the money or what im really confuse what mean error

Welcome to the forum, Mimi88 :slight_smile:

From what you have said, it is not clear whether your withdrawal request went through properly. I am happy to follow up on this for you. However, I will need your account details in order to do this. For your security, please do not post your account details on this forum.

Instead, please email <admin@fxcm.com> and CC <jrogers@fxcm.com> including the following details in your email: your account number and a phone number where we can call you in case our Operations department has any follow up questions regarding your request.


exactly, i never trade in this broker. Do you really face this, WD process need 10 days??
Its so long sir, usually my WD process in liteforex just need 1-2 days. its fast enough, but if we are using local WD, 4-5hours will be processed.

Hi Emimahmudah,

The situation above is not typical of how long it takes to make a withdrawal from your FXCM trading account. That is why Azlann made a post asking about it. Most withdrawal requests are processed by our Operations department within 1 to 2 business days, and some are even processed instantly.

Depending on the withdrawal method you choose, your funds may even arrive in your bank account within 1 day. However, some transfer methods such as international bank wires to certain countries can take up to 5 business days.

More details can be found in our Withdrawal FAQs.

Hi Jason,
I have been noticed after withdraw request through e mail from FXCM that " Your withdrawal request has been received and will be withdrawn from FXCM Trading Account pending final approval. Processing of withdrawal requests will generally be initiated within 2-3 business days of receipt." I would like to know what does it means pending final approval?