Wolf Strategy for major currency pairs

Hi friends

Wolf strategy is a set of indicators and settings that are based on combining the spot market
(Forex) and futures to analyze major currency pairs and determine the best point to enter with the lowest rate of reflection and SL of no more than 10 points and a TP of 50 points or more. I will publish trades here. You can also follow the demo account on the MetaTrader platform.
Capital: $ 500
Leverage: 1: 2000

Account details:
login : 47600708
password : wolf123
server : ForexTimeFXTM-ECN-demo

I welcome your evaluation of it performance at the end of each week, throughout the test period

EURUSD sell market ( 1.1312 to 1.1322 )
very good selling area

Hello @The.WOLF

Always good to see someone putting their hand up to show how they trade.
I see the levels for a short that you posted. How did you pick this level?? What is your reason for believing that this is a good level to short the EUR/USD??



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Hi all …

Sorry but my WOLF ST isn’t work good with Currencies as S&P 500 mini , i look to perfect WOLF ST FOR ALL so i don’t allow for any wrong , below you can see Wolf ST at S&P 500 mini but i will correct some setup for currency ( forex ) then re-back to test WOLF ST at major currency pairs

Thanks All

The price does not respect the reinforcement area
Therefore, it is canceled in case of currency pairs ( Forex )

Move SL to 0.69864 for all Positions

It’s always good to learn from other members strategies and execute it in your own trading journey. Thanks for sharing.

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Close positions market at 0.7031 …

Until Now NO New WOLF ST signal & NO SMART MONEY in the ( EURUSD , GBPUSD , AUDUSD, S&P 500 Mini ) Markets


GBPUSD fulfilled the seven wolf conditions, but the price is still looking for a top of wolf to enter selling … we wait to test

The USDJPY fulfilled five of the seven conditions for the wolf with top of wolf …

pending sell order at 107.31 to 107.35 >>> SL at 107.365 (( TEST ))

cancel orders pending for USDJPY