Women intuition

hi to all women traders
i�m just curious how women intuition works in trading or if it works.:eek: i believe you might see the market differently than men but as i said i�m just curious.

have a good one :smiley:

I’m kinda curious as well… I hope to hear some responses soon :slight_smile:

sometimes it clicks but sometimes it doesnt…however, I believe in FOREX all that helps in calculation and the data from fundamental and technical analysis…men or women it does’nt matter :slight_smile:

thanks for answer and i hope we get more response from lady traders right pipcrawler :wink:

Something closely related to the subject is about a 69 year old Singapore housewife beat traders in top banks at their own game. The lady was clueless about trading warrants and using a computer, but within eight weeks she had increased her account tenfold. The nearest contender had half what she’d made.
It may not have been real money but she beat the pro’s :confused: . This goes to show that psychology plays a big part in a traders performance. She was probably not afraid to let her trading plan run its course and most probably much more open minded than the seasoned traders. With experience one tends to factor in all the risks; real and imaginary ones. This is where you start to loose the plot. Who knows maybe after trading for a while she might end up in the same frame of mind as the big boys :eek: always going for overkill.
You can read the full story here
Am not sure about female intuition, maybe someone might be kind enough to enlighten us on the subject.

interesting owliepip but it seems to me that the women on this forum are quite shy to post or they are too good to post anything here and just doing things on their own.:eek:

anyway have a good trading girls :wink:

Great post owliepip…

Psychology is definitely the biggest part of trading… There’s a million profitable ways to trade, but sticking to one through the ups and downs is definitely the hardest part…

Trading is counterintuitive, and changing your frame of mind is what separates the men AND women from the boys and the girls… :slight_smile:

As a woman, I try to keep “feelings” out of trading. Show me the numbers, show me the charts, show me the money :stuck_out_tongue: course if you show me Josh Lucas or Viggo Mortensen and I could care less about anything else :slight_smile:

hi LadyFx
i�m just wondering how is your trading going.hope you see the money very often;)

have a good one:D