Women Traders - are you there?

Ah yes that makes sense! Because success in this case means money too!

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Yes! That desperation has to turn into desperate determination. You won’t quit no matter what. You’ll practice in demo for as long as it takes.

But desperation for money could lead to overleverage, wild trades, etc.

If it’s just an interest, there’s not much determination. But if you’re desperate to succeed, you’ll read whatever books, trade as many hours, backtest as many strategies as necessary.

I think the only way to succeed is to not quit.

What do you think?

Perhaps men are more wreckless in this regard? I don’t know…

This poster is clearly of some intelligence - since he says he writes articles for medical magazines.

I sometimes wonder myself, if I was a young man nowadays - would I too “Espouse femminism” ?

However - One can see that Douglas Murray does have a point - which his book expands on in some depth. - Something which a competent woman might wish to consider? - Actually much of the discussion in this small clip, is directly relevant to this thread.

Link is Green writing

"Douglas Murray: "Don't Trust Male Feminists" - YouTube

I guess when I say I’m a feminist, I’m not a book-reading, academic feminist, but I believe in equal rights for women and their right to compete on a level-playing field with men and to be encouraged to do so (I don’t mean compete with men in 100m sprint or weight-lifting) As far as syntax goes, I think men can be feminists, no? Maybe the noun only applies to women but I don’t think that’s the case.

I’ll watch the video in a minute. Slightly distracted at the moment (in a good way) cos the copper I shorted is falling through the floor.

In a society in which there are equal rights for women as there are for men, neither men nor women can be feminists. There’s nothing to campaign against.

Which leaves the question, do feminists in the west want equal treatment? Or special treatment?

And is that for all women or just for themselves?

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OK, I’ll re-phrase my original question - “why don’t more women trade?” Let’s forget my declaring myself a feminist. It’s proving too distracting. :joy:

Ignoring the feminist ideology, because I hate feminism, I believe in equality. But why more women don’t trade has lots of factors. Men are biologically wired to be bigger risk takers than women, so that’s a factor. Societal reasons such as pressure to conform to what you see on telly, magazines and the internet to be a woman is about focusing on your appearance and buying shoes and handbags etc. Women are traditionally the carers for children, it’s not sexist, it’s how nature intended it to be.

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I definitely agree with the risk-taking thing. My wife is perturbed by my trading - keeps telling me to make sure I don’t loose all our money. However, this is a logical anxiety, if you believe the thing about 90% traders losing. She would rather all our money was in a nice, safe bank-account (and so would I sometimes…)

Feminism was never about equality ! Prof Janice Fiamengo explains

Link is green writing - another one for you not to watch mate ! :slightly_smiling_face:

"Feminism Was Never About Equality - TFF 2.0 - YouTube

Was reading a report on retail FX trading just now and stumbled on this graph from 2011. Apparently a greater % of women are FX retail traders, as opposed to those in stock brokerages. The surprising figure was how % female retail brokers in France is listed at 42%.


  • This is a study from 2011. Out of date.
  • May be from limited sources looking at specific currency pairs. The study was focused on the brokerages operating on the JPY, their demographics and broker data in the first part of the study. Unclear if the same parameters were applied to the data.

PDF as folls: