Women Traders - are you there?

Declaration of interest : I am a man, the father of two daughters and I am a feminist.

The FT said in a recent article that only 1 in 10 traders are women. However, those women are slightly more successful traders than the men.

Why do so few women trade? My wife leaves all the finances / family accounts to me - why is this the case in some couples? Is it tradition, or a legacy of sexism/under-empowerment? Do male/female brains work differently? Why are there so many highly intelligent / mathematically minded women out there who are less likely to do it than a bunch of dumb blokes? (Joke - don’t get offended!!) And why are the ones go do trade more successful.

I’ve got two really bright daughters who didn’t go for maths or science despite encouragement from me and I ever so slightly blame their schooling and the culture.

I’d be really interested to hear your views, particularly from women who trade.

There are traders and there are traders. Most of what is firmly established information about traders actually concerns employees in banks and hedge funds and the like. These are not private retail traders. We’ve got to compare apples with apples.

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I hear what you’re saying, but I still think (according to a non-scientific Google study conducted by myself!) that women only make up about 10% of retail traders. No? Are you saying there are more out there?

No. There’s probably less than 10%.

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If you are correct (and I see no reason to doubt it) then that’s shocking!

I guess I have male-privilege insofar as my wife did the lion’s share of the child-care and kitchen drudgery - although, don’t get me wrong, I do help whenever I can. But I work about 60-70 hrs per week (day-job and trading) and she enables me to do this. However, she doesn’t complain cos I bring in good money and we’ve both been acquainted with poverty to varying degrees…

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She also has a career, but part-time. She never gets a break either…

No idea but when I talk about trading to most of my girl friends, they’re just not interested. When I talk about the prospect of earning, there’s some interest but none have followed through with it.

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Declaration of interest - I am a man father of four daughters (at least that’s what I am toild by their mothers - I have not had the courage to do DNA tests) - and a few “Stepdaughters” - Grandfather to four girls and three boys plus several “Step-Grandkids”

Why ?

I am an advocate of Competence and ability - irrespective of what colour “panties” might be worn by the participant !

Is that supposed to be a “Problem” ?
Where are the female Bricklayers, Crane Driovers, Oil Drillers, Welders, Roofers ? - Why no fuss about that ?

When we have investigated those claims in the past - they have all turned out to rely on semantic tricks to “prove” something which is at best dubious.

Because they don’t want to !

Hypergamy - Men are the “breadwinners” - (Proveders of “resources”) - women spend most of the money and rack up debts.

90% of divorces are instigated by women - because their “husbands” do not fulfill their “needs” adequately (ie they’ve found someone better !) :slightly_smiling_face:


If you are making jokes - they should at least make some attempt at being humourous - Don’t throw casual insults and try to escape the consequences by saying “Joke” - You would not dare to make the same “Joke” the other way around - Why should we let you get away with it in this context ? - NO ! we take it personally ! NOW PROVE That Male traders Are “Dumb” !

I have challenged that statement - now PROVE IT !

You are completely and demonstrably WRONG !

Link is green writing

"Jordan B. Peterson | Full interview | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan - YouTube


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Same. It’s like they’d rather talk about spending money lol.

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Falstaff, why is it that when I find you on other threads you seem to be screaming a lot of the time :joy:


@ponponwei - I have invited you on several other occasions to discuss similar issues on a reasonable basis - but you don’t seem to want to do anything other than one-line Put downs of anything I have to offer - so I have to wonder whether your response is actually an invitation to discuss anything or simply an attempt to devalue my contribution by an attempt at character assasination ?

However - as I’m sure you are aware, there are no “tones of voice” possible in this medium - so what you call “Screaming” - to me is simply “Emphasis” - to demonstrate certainty.

Thank you for your question.

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That is not a put down. :slight_smile: It is but my observation. It is not “character assassination” as I just merely said it seems you are screaming. I did not call you names or state you are this or that.

Anyway, online, you need not use all caps or exclamation points so much lest you want to be seen as “screaming.” Pay attention to everyone else typing here and see if it is common BEHAVIOR TO BE TYPING LIKE THIS ! ! !

And you’ll find that it is… not. :slight_smile: But you know, you are free to “do you.” I am but a mere observer!

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Then perhaps you’d like to return to the subject in hand ?

PS - You write in your style - I’ll write in MINE !

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So what makes you two different to your friends?

For me I have another set of friends (mostly dudes) who also trade / talk about the markets a lot. Being exposed to other POVs definitely help. So when I eventually started getting into trading, I also tried looking for other means of getting trading-related conversations like from here or other social media platforms.

@HeavenRobinson is also another female trader here also @ria_rose!

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I’ve made friends with fellow women traders online through forums like this one, but I don’t know any in real life. I’ve offered to help many of my friends get into it, but they usually aren’t interested. Some of those women are very bright, one is a nurse, for example, whom stopped working about a year ago when her baby was born. It would be a great thing for her to get into, but I never try to push anyone into it. They always want to hear about how much money I make, but once I start giving them details about the work that goes into it, they want to hear about the other side hustles I have going on. I also feel that women with kids may feel that they just don’t have the time for it.



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Yup. Or they get overwhelmed just by the sight of charts lol. I think the interest to make money has to trump the feeling of being overwhelmed to learn new things. That or the person must already be open-minded enough to try new things.

If the interest isn’t strong enough to overcome the fear, the desperation for money surely will.

And then you’ll be in a situation in which you have to confront your desperation and the reason behind it. I think this is often the case for a lot of people. But then the desperation for money has to turn into a desperation to succeed, but not necessarily for money.

Maybe that sounds weird.