Women's World Cup starts tomorrow!

Will you be watching?

First game of the tourny tomorrow.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Football was a great game to play for the 4 or 5 of us kids on the playing field near home when I was 12. Its a terrible terrible game to watch.

Its not as bad to watch as basketball. Tennis is dull. And golf is very dull. Cricket is long and ambiguous. And dull.


Well said - I prefer watching horses run around a track :racehorse: :racehorse: :racehorse:

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I love horses - but racing? Hmmmm…
How interesting would horse racing be to watch with no betting involved?

Great opportunies for trading :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

I know horse racing is very much betting driven, but there is much more to it than just betting, many people involved in horse racing do not bet - I do not bet myself.

OK in the great scheme of things it’s just horses running around a field :wink:

Come back in the knockout stages. Games will be better. Still, great to see some new teams over performing.


First time I saw them (last year?), the England women were playing to win by scoring more goals.

When I have seen the England men, they usually play to not lose by not letting in more goals and hoping to win on penalties.

Hmmm… I see that the England women in this year’s World Cup managed to win 1-0 against Haiti by scoring a penalty. Start of a trend?

There was a crazy stat cross the first maybe 8-9 games. Each game had a penalty. Only half were made.

Penalities are definitely trending.

The ENG v Haiti game was rough! Was expecting more from the European champs, but injuries haven’t been kind to ENG.

It really showed.

No overly big surprises. The big teams who historically have progressed have done so, or have in their hands to move with a tie or win in the next game.

Heavyweights USA and GER aren’t performing as expected and I would say that JPN and NED are the teams to watch. Sweden, ENG and Australia trending up. Spain is down. Brazil is a bit down.

There will be some nervous teams out there the rest of the week!

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Plenty of drama from the last week.

The biggest news is obviously USA and GER both getting dumped out. The USA is bigger news since they’re the winners of the last two events, and were looking for their 3rd straight win. It would have been glorious. It came down to penalties and basically was a matter of millimeters whether the US could get another chance for the winning goal.

Ultimately, they should have moved on, but they just figured out their game too late. But what a game, really. If you missed it, you should watch the replay.

Canada, the winner of the Olympic gold, and Brazil, both out too. Plenty of countries with smaller programs did exceptionally well, namely Jamaica, Morocco, and Colombia.

Wow, what a tournament.

What can I say, other than - Spain!!!

Didn’t think they could overcome Sweden. Wow.

England fans, are you watching tomorrow?

What a great Final! Nice work Spain! Congrats.