Worker Bee's Journal

+38 points today. Great!

Edit: Premarket Range Breakout was a short trade. Sorry!

+29 points today, +137 points in total. Again, i am satisfied with my progress.

Promised my wife to pause next week if i am feeling like i just have to trade and not learn my new strategies. Last word on Friday but it is very likely that i will only trade FOMC on Wednesday next week.


Decided to improve my daily journal entry with charts. But as charts slightly differ from broker to broker, especially on the lowest timeframes, i won’t use tradingview, but a screen of my actual trading chart.

In the image above you see a 1m chart on the left and a 5m chart on the right.

First trade was a breakout above the 8-8:59 am high, marked with a little green box. I test Tom Hougaards Premarket Breakout Strategy without any changes with a 9 point SL and a 6 point TP. Today it worked and i got 6 points profit - without slippage this time.

Second trade was a 5m school run, an adaption of Tom Hougaards 15m school run. It is basically a breakout of the second 5m bar after open at 9 am. I was able to get a nice push in my direction and lowered my SL with every 1m bar, I was a little disappointed to get taken out with only 7 points in profit.

Third trade was a 15m school run, a breakout of the second 15m bar after open. Again i got a nice movement and raised my SL with every 1m bar. After a little consolidation price spiked in my direction and i decided to TP almost at the high. I decided to do so because i watched this happen a lot of times and knew that chances are high for a retracement after this “ending bar”. I am proud of this exit for 16 points.

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yes indeed - rightly, i’m sure - interesting!

i had not heard of “school run” (in this context) until you posted; i know nothing much about this Tom Hougaard person except that i see him pretty widely recommended by people i trust and respect, so i must take a good look, when i can - and it’s my turn to thank you for the prompt in that direction :sunglasses:

watching with interest, here - a breakout of the second M15 bar of the Dax? Interesting - wishing you well

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+22 points today. It’s ok, but it could have been 15 points more.

Lets dig into the trades:

  1. Premarket Range Breakout: Today i had a problem to place a Stop Sell Order because price pushed down hard few seconds before open. I entered with a Market Order and TP was hit immediately for a huge slippage and only +1 point.

  2. 5m School Run: Again i had a problem to place a Stop Buy Order and entered 7 points above the high of the second 5m bar (15945) of the day per Market Order. I put my SL to breakeven as soon as price made its firtst push and got stopped with ±0 points.

  3. 5m School Run Reentry: As price retraced i went long again at a better price 15943. Because i didn’t liked the big red 1m bar and was expecting a Double Top i manually exited this trade at 15960 with +17 points in profit. Unlike last time, i was wrong and missed another 15 points profit.

  4. 15m School Run: Didn’t like this trade at all because i had to enter at 16000. After i reduced my initial risk of 38 points gradually as price went up again after the initial retracement i put my SL to breakeven when it made a new high. I chose to exit with a +4 point profit when those two pin bars formed. I can’t remember a single time that price pushed higher after this pattern.

Overall it was a good day, with +22 points and a +159 in total.


Yes i saw him recommended in this forum, too. But only after @Johnny1974 recommended him to me personally i looked into his trading style. Thank you for that Johnny.

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+1 point today for a +160 points in total. It could have been a very profitable day, but i got taken out of a runner.

Lets dig in:

  1. Premarket Range Breakout: It didn’t work today and i got stopped with 2 points slippage for -11 points. I didn’t have a high expectation of this strategy from the start. It didn’t contribute to my positive balance and loses way to much. It could be fine tuned to catch an early runner like on the first day of testing, where 50 points were possible. But this would mean a lot of losses at the start of the day. I want to stop trading this strategy. Whats your thought on this?

  2. 5m School Run: Raised my SL to breakeven quick because there was resistance at 15962 (Pivot Point) and was stopped ±0. No reentry because price respected resistance and i waited for 15m school run.

  3. 15m School Run: Great movement, but i was in a weak state of mind. It is ok to agressively move my SL when price is near breakeven but when price was at +17 points i decided to lock in profits to breakeven for the day. After stopping me out price crashed for at least an additional +25 points.

But overall i am satisfied with +160 points in 6 trading days. I will make a pause next week. Only trade i try to take is FOMC on Wednesday.

Let me know what you think of my progress so far.


Tom would be proud of you. :wink:


the words “quietly impressed” come to mind … maybe not quite so “quietly,” now :laughing:

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Thank you for your kind words, you two. Very encouraging.

Guys, i am still on vacation. I traded this week but I didn’t have time to post like last week.

I joined Tom Hougaards Telegram Channel yesterday. I learned that he also has an “agressive school run”. Funny!

Remember, I immediately adapted his strategy and created my own 5m school run. I stopped trading this adaption and trade his agressive alongside the normal school run, like he does.

I started trading live yesterday, too. With 0.01 contracts. Missed this big crash on DAX on Thursday and only made 15 points in this two days.

Trading Toms strategies while simultaniousely listening to him is a strange experience. Today was the first day i did that.

When you trade a strategy you didn’t create, thoughts are crossing your minds. He apparently did 1,9 million pounds with 100k starting balance last year. Will i be able to make 1900 %, too?

I am realistic of course. In 2023, he only doubled his account until now. So last year was maybe an exeptional good year. And I won’t be trading the US Session, only the EU Session.

In addition to that, what if i just can’t trade like him?

Today i was happy: I raised my stop. Tom announced he raised his stop couple seconds after that, to the same place!

Tom announced he would add. I waited and told me “sorry man, don’t seeing that right now.” price reversed, tom was breathing heavily while I smiled.

Price broke higher after a narrow consolidation at restistance, then i added not far away from his add. He closes half of his position, i wait patiently.

I think, ok now i want to take profits. Tom announces he will take profits. We were out of the market together.

We were getting stopped out twice before we had a good trade today. Tom made -1 point in DAX, i made 4. Maybe i can profit like he does. I will try.

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Ok guys, I am home again.

I made a new spreadsheet journal over the weekend which suits better with my new trading style (learning from Tom Hougaard). As of today I trade live with 0,5 contracts (0,5 € per point). I will only trade the DAX.

Further on I will only share my performance and statistics with you, because this trade recaps I did a few weeks ago are to much work for a simple trading journal.

Today we had a win and a loss. I could have avoided the loss, as I was very inclined to set my SL to BE at one point but I decided to go with Tom, ended up losing slightly more than him in the process.

I traded the US Session yesterday with 25 % of my full size. Just because I had the time and nothing else to do. This won’t happen often.

I have a tendency to reduce my risk much quicker than Tom and therefore I lose and win not as big as him. I will watch that because today I am around 30 points behind on him. Thats 15 € with my current size. On the other hand I watched him lose big in the US session yesterday. That was a little profit for me. The difference is because I watch also the 1m chart I think.

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Profitable day again. As you can see, I again had the time to trade the US session yesterday.

Overall I am very satisfied. But I still have work to do in terms of letting winning trades run.

Yes, I do agree - in fact I have a confession to make.
I am very much an advocate of Tom Hougaard, as you know, however, I am in his Telegram group most days and have been for about four years but I do not religiously follow or copy his trades - even his SRS or ASRS. I hope you don’t see me as an absolute hypocrite, but as you mention here, it is sometimes difficult to follow someone else’s strategy.
I find Tom interesting and, I suppose, good company. Sometimes I find his trading quite strange and infuriating, like today when he took off that Nasdaq at 3.23pm for 6pts. But his profits speak for themselves - so we must not judge. I use MAs and a lot of one minute timeframes. i think, and I’m sure you would concur, that psychology being the big part of trading plays very much in having confidence in your strategy, what ever that stategy may be.
I have rattled on a bit here, I’m glad that you are finding value in Tom and it’s great that you are tuning into the SRS and doing so well.
Let those winners run. :ok_hand:


Yes I noticed that he sometimes trades outside of his fixed setups. Very irritating when he does that. But like you, I don’t judge. I just ignore those trades. I only take ASRS and SRS trades because I could take them without him.

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Today I left money on the table again. I don’t complain to much as long as I am profitable. But I have to work on this - without to much pressure.

On days like today I wanted to use the slower setup SRS to add to an ASRS trade. But I completely forgot while my trade went in my favor.

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On the indices I fnd the Daily Pivots useful as you will see on Dax this morning how it kept hitting R1 for about 2hrs before finally breaking through.

I do wish that I could wake up in the mornings for the Dax - I am a night owl and I have to make do with Nasdaq and Dow, I’ve given up beating myself over it but I used to love the Dax. :+1:

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Very good observation. The daily pivots are indeed very significant in the DAX. I used them in my old strategy and have them still on my chart.

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Ha ha it’s just hitting R1 on the way down as we speak :rofl: