Worker Bee's Journal

Long limit @16940, around the overnight low.

I don’t want to short into 16975-85, doesn’t look promising enough to me. Maybe I won’t make a trade today if DAX doesn’t fall to my long order during the opening hour.

Edit: DAX is now around the point where it could be shorted 16975-16985 but as I said, I won’t take that trade.

Edit 2: The short would have worked out nicely. SL would already be at BE.

Edit 3: My short idea would be stopped out for 0, so no reason to cry after a missed opportunity.

I think I will stop trading for today.

You f***** idiot!

No I didn’t take it. I deleted my order and wasn’t fast enough for a market order, as I was doing some other stuff. SL would already be at BE…

Edit: OK…deep breath. I am still happy for my ideas that work pretty well this month. This has potential.

Ouch, this would have been an amazing entry.

Had a short order @17000 but DAX only rallied to 16988 in premarket.

For long entries I am looking at Fridays close @16926 and fridays low @16874 today.

Short order is still active.

Edit: Changed short order to 17029. Added a long order @ gap close 16926.

Edit 2: Given how slow DAX is moving I change my short order back to where it was before.

Edit 3: yawn

Edit 4: As you can see DAX turned between my marked resistance level @16993 and my short order @17000. Unfortunate. I don’t know if I still want to short @17000 if DAX breaks this recent high. Probably not.

Edit 5: Deleted short order @17000

Edit 6: “Don’t be a d*ck for a tick” as Tom Hougaard would quote, i think it was Al Brooks, in such situations. But as I am already far past my desired profit target of 100 points this month, I can afford to be overly picky with my entries.

Edit 7: I looked it up, it was David Paul who said “You are a d*ck for a tick” to TH.

Edit 8: I end my day. Second day in a row without a trade. Still +160 points this month.

I am short since 17010.

Reason: After DAX broke through resistance @16993 it slowly climbed with low momentum. At 11:26 XETRA time DAX spiked on the 1m chart. This usualy is an ending move.

Edit: SL to BE

Edit 2: Stopped out for 0. Max profit was 8 points. Wasn’t what I thought it would be. No harm done.

Edit 3: Reentry. I see that DAX has a problem breaking through daily pivot point R1. And after 7 green 15m bars in a row I have a feeling that a retracement is in order.

Edit 4: DAX made a new low. SL to BE again.

Edit 5: Currently 13 points in profit. As I am already happy with my monthly profit, I will let it run without watching it. Stop is at breakeven.

Edit 6: Nice. Retracement came, currently around 28 points in profit. Question is will it fall further. As I said before, I will let it run for a big profit. If it stops me out for 0, so be it.

Edit 7: I will add a second short position @16976 with a 15 point SL. If it gets triggered I will put my SL on the first position 15 points in profit to still keep a breakeven trade.

Edit 8: As DAX lost momentum on the downside I delete my short order. I won’t add on this movement. I am still holding my first position.

Edit 9: As DAX ranges now, I take 30 points in profit and quit trading for today.

+190 points this month.

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I won’t trade today. Because of carnival festivities my work told everyone we can leave at 12. Of course, as someone from cologne, germany I can only raise my eyebrows on what people here in bavaria call carnival or “fasching” as they call it. But we want to spend the day as a family and this is why I don’t even start to trade today.

If I would, I would look for shorts around yesterdays high which is very close to yesterdays close, so a double resistance and two reasons to short. on the long side I would trade from around 16960.

Good morning. Missed last two trading days which formed a nice V in the DAX. I think I would have traded at least breakeven. But you can never be sure in hindsight.

I will update this post if I made up my mind about the priceaction today.

Edit 1: OK, on the long side I want to buy into this uptrend around yesterdays close @16945. And on the short side there is a lot of resitance between 17033 - 17063. But after this V which formed I am a little cautious and want to watch first. But I most certainly will sell @17063 to speculate on at least a minor reaction to the all time high.

Edit 2: I am short since 17035. Doesn’t look like it would work. I will probably try it again @ 17063

Edit 3: Stopped out for -30. Short again since 17066.

Edit 4: No reaction whatsoever, just a straight line up up up. I will stop if I get stopped out again.

Edit 5: Like those bear bars. I hope it is a reversal. Not just a retracement.

Edit 6: Stop to BE.

Edit 7: Stopped for 0 on the second trade. I will short again at the top for a double top.

Edit 8: Looks like a very unfortunate breakeven stop on the second trade as DAX breaks lower. ■■■■!

Edit 9: Thought about buying under 17043 but missed my chance…I hesitated because TH school run would have given a sell signal.

Edit 10: If it breaks lower again I want to buy around 17033.

Edit 11: Ok. Bought @17040. Last trade for today.

Edit 12: SL to 17030 for -10

Edit 13: SL to BE @ 13 points in profit.

Edit 14: I am about to get stopped out for 0 again. Max profit was 26 points. This means I will end my day with -30 points and +160 points for the month.

Edit 15: Still in it.

Edit 16: Stopped out breakeven. Max profit was 30 points.

Edit 17: Long since 17027

Edit 18 Stop to BE after a 5m bullish engulfing

Edit 19: Stopped out for 0 again. Max profit was 16 points. Not my day. Three breakeven trades in a row. See you tomorrow.

Very narrow overnight price action. Gap up to a new ATH. We are in a strong uptrend. Price broke the range of the start of the year. Of course it could be a fakeout and a big reversal is coming, but daily XETRA volume doesn’t show any sign of that.

Gameplan for today: Buy a retracement. I could imagine buying support @17070 or yesterdays close @17046.

Edit 1: Given how DAX rallied at 8 I would already buy a retracement @17090 around yesterdays high.

Edit 2: DAX is ranging…a lot of patience is required.

Edit 3: As DAX is breaking higher now, I would buy a retracement at the low of the range around 17115.

Edit 4: I will step aside without a trade now. I will watch DAX and if I see a retracement I will consider buying it. But since I stopped trading breakouts, I have a hard time trading DAX when it just ranges, moves higher, ranges again and moves even higher.

Still +160 points this month. +222 points for the year, thats 22.2 %.

Edit 5: I will switch my pc off now. Monday is Washingtons Birthday. I don’t trade US holidays. See you on tuesday.

Couldn’t leave it alone. Opportunity was good.

Edit 1: Raised stop to +10 points

Edit 2: Stopped out for +10 (max profit was 27 points). +170 for the month. +232 for the year.

Edit 3: I would be stopped out for 0 by now.

One could buy DAX here, but because of the strength of the fall, I pass. I will consider buying at 17000 again. I deleted an order around 17023.

Edit 1: Nice bounce trade would already be at BE

Edit 2: I am a little disappointed and thinking about buying at 23 when it comes down again.

Edit 3: ■■■■ I think I missed my chance today. Would already be 30 points in profit. Had to much fear today and deleted a nearly perfect buy order.

Edit 4: It turnes…lets see if I can get an entry.

Edit 5: I will speculate on a double bottom.

Edit 6: I don’t think I will take a trade today. Missed the best opportunity today because of fear. Sad.

Good Morning. Didn’t trade yesterday. Today there is a BIG gap up. Mhm…I want to buy a retracement. But I am not sure where. Yesterdays close is far far away. I probably won’t short DAX.

There is a high chance that I won’t take a trade at all today.

Edit 1: Let this breakout traders have fun. I will sit back and be happy with my 170 points this month.

Edit 2: Ok I have placed a limit buy order at 17195. It is the low of the overnight range and the high from february 16th. 30 points SL as usual.

Edit 3: It is just rallying in premarket. +143 points for DAX today already. If we get a green open I can instantly delete my limit order, lol.

Edit 4: OK guys. I delete my buy order. IF Dax hammers down to my limit order I won’t be confident enough for it to rise again. I am honest, I would still take this trade if I hadn’t +170 points this month already. But right now, it is just not worth the risk for me, do you understand?

Edit 5: I mean if you scroll up, you can see several examples how I hesitate to take a trade since my good run at the beginning of the month. Maybe I have to work on this. Let me know if you have an opinion on this.

Edit 6: Jesus…so much edits and DAX hasn’t even open yet :smiley:

Edit 7: I don’t trade fibonaccis and I didn’t have any reason to buy DAX at 17280, but look where the retracement went:

Edit 8: Also it peekabooed down the low of the (XETRA) day and rallied since. Bet many 5m opening range breakout traders got stopped out there.

Look at this entry. Stop already at BE. Max profit 17 points.

Edit 1: Max profit 23 points.

Edit 2: Stopped out BE. Max profit was 23 points. Very Sad. Wanted to TP around 30 points.