Worker Bee's Journal

Sell EUR/USD @ 1,08628 10 pip SL/TP

If I get stopped again, then I will accept a -2R loss and stop trading for today.

The DAX is rallying again. I told you I always make the wrong decision. I bought @16400 remember…great entry but poor management.


  1. SRS: I had a good School Run today. Price went 33 points in my favor. As I want to let profits run from now on, speculating on a trend day, I didn’t took profits and let price stop me out breakeven.

  2. BTTR: First trade with this strategy. After DAX rallied this morning, it fell all the way down again for a nearly 100% retracement. I bought the retracement around the high of the first 5m candle. Price consolidated almost for a full hour before it slowly went up again. At this point I raised my stop to breakeven as soon as I had a little profit, because the lack of participation worried me. Price stopped me out breakeven and rallied 20 points afterward. In hindsight I would have been stopped out breakeven anyway.

  3. EMA Channel Cross: I had 4 trades today. First one was a winner, the second one was a very unlucky loss - which could have been a winner easily if price didn’t decided to stop me out on 4 ticks. The third trade was a clear loss and the last is still running, but in drawdown, so i can’t say anything about that. Maybe -20 pips or breakeven today.

I am not happy obviously. But I didn’t ■■■■ up today either.

Recap 2023:
2023 was my worst year so far in terms of profit/loss. I lost 1.450,- €. All of it occured during two bad months after I increased my trading size. I changed strategies a lot. Started following Tom Hougaard, followed his trades for a bit and began to implement his techniques into my own style.

In hindsight I loaded to much pressure on my shoulders. I wanted to much to fast and couldn’t stop thinking about trading. This led me to not accepting a loss and revenge trading. I wanted to profit every day. And lost even more because I couldn’t stop.

I started to look at trading as a hobby which is able to generate a little bit of income. I won’t try to make it a career anymore. This allowes me to keep cool and stop trading on a bad day and cut my losses quick.

I trade 5m and 15m breakouts on the 1m chart again like in this post: Worker Bee's Journal - #39 by Worker_Bee

This worked best for me in 2023. I trade 1 lot and will keep this size for a long time.

47 points / 47 € so far on 5 trading days starting on January 5th. Let’s see if I will be able to maintain my discipline. But something changed for me. I don’t think about trading anymore during the day. This is why I am writing less on babypips, too.

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I was able to maintain discipline. Lost 39 points in multiple trades, worked my way up again to 84 points and closed the month with a 62 point profit.

Lets see if i can end february in the green too.

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Lost -30 and -14 points shorting DAX at resistance during EU session.

Won +75 and +40 (add) shorting DAX at resistance during US session.

+71 points profit in total today.

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Well done :clap: - nice move down on Dax this afternoon. I missed it but did okay on Dow long after Europe closed. Are you still into TH? I listen to him (for company :sweat_smile:) but I never follow him, infact I often find myself trading against. It’s a great confidence boost when my strategy beats him. :sunglasses:

Yes I am still listening to him. But I don’t follow his breakout strategies anymore. Burned my hand with them in 2023. They aren’t profitable if you can’t add aggressively like him. You know that he sometimes is 300% in a trade. Crazy!

After I paused Friday, because of low volume, I shorted DAX in premarket after it rallied to Fridays close. Got stopped for 0, max. profit was 25 points. Then i shorted DAX again at 16946 near resistance. It went against me but turned around right under my stop loss. Closed for 1:1 RRR for a 31 point profit.

This puts me at 102 points for this month.

Today I placed a short limit order during premarket at 16976, a little bit over the high from yesterday which I identified as the next resticance.

During the opening seconds DAX rallied to my order, filled me and then began to fall. I closed out for 26 points after price broke below the first 5m bar.

I don’t like the 5m ORB as a trade setup anymore, because I found it to be pretty weak, so I speculated on a not working 5m ORB for my TP.

129 points for this month.

I thought about buying right now because DAX filled the gap at 16903, but I hesitated. If DAX makes a double bottom I will buy.

Buy limit at 16894. I want DAX to stop those people out who bought at first touch and then I want it to rally again.

Shame didn’t get filled. Cancelled my order. Didn’t work out anyway.

Same idea, buy limit @ 16878 risking daily profit of 26 points.

Looks like I missed out on the rally. If I didn’t cancelled my first buy order, I would be 10 points in profit right now.

Do I still want to buy @16878 if price drops again? No. Then I would rather buy further down at 16860.

I end my day.

Comparing my ideas in february with tom hougaards I am very happy. I am on the right path.

I could have made more profit on my short today. But it was during the opening minutes and things can turn around very quick at the open so I decided to cash out, nothing wrong with that.

Had a long limit order @16913 against yesterdays low (close was also @16921). I am about to get stopped out for -30 points.

Lucky, but unfortunately no room to move SL up.

Reduced stop to -15 points. If it goes to the 5m high I will put my stop to BE.

Lucky again?

If it breaks the recent high I will set my stop to BE.

Edit: Don’t have much hope for this trade anymore. DAX has problems breaking through yesterdays close @16921. I think there will be a range which means I will get stopped out.

Edit 2: DAX just broke the last 5m high. My stop is at BE and now I hope for a test of 16972.

Edit 3: Stop to +23 points

Edit4: Lucky again!!!

Edit5: Stop to +30 points for a 1:1 RRR

Stopped out for +31.

+160 points this month.

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Well done - you are way ahead of your mentor TH (-23.2 DAX) this month :clap:

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Yes, but we know that he can turn this around in one single day. :slight_smile:

And given my past record…unfortunately I can turn this around in one single day too. Compounding on a bad day broke my neck several times.